The Ananga Ranga - Ancient Advice for Great Sex

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The Pangaea Ranga was written sometime in the twelfth century AD in India.

Unlike the Kama Sutra which is a manual for a man's life, the Ananga Ranga is a love manual, pure and simple.

The information it contains is meant to be the advice to keep a husband and wife together.

Many of the sexual positions from the Ananga Ranga are taken from the Kama Sutra however,the translation into English was done by Sir Richard Burton, as were so many other texts of priceless literature.

First Real Sex Manual

The Ananga Ranga is truly a sex manual, and contains advice of all kinds including sexual positions and techniques. Here follows some of these positions which are suited to oriental body types, but may prove a real challenge to the European or American couple.

Gajasawa, the Elephant Posture).

The woman will lie down in such a position that her face, breast, stomach, and thighs all touch the bed.

Then the man will lay down on top of the woman, but bending himself like an elephant, with the small of the back, much drawn in, finds her genitals, enters, penetrates, and moves in a pulsating manner.

The Large Bee Position:

The woman, places her man at full length upon the bed, then sits and squats upon his thighs, and the man will penetrate her.

She then closes her legs firmly after he has effected penetration: and the woman will begin to move her waist in a circular motion, and completely satisfies herself.

The Cow-Posture (note the cultural differences.

This is a variation what the Americans call doggy style, but the dog was an unclean animal, and thus any reference to it was avoided):

Here the woman places herself upon all fours, supported on her hands and feet (but not her knees), then the man, enters from the rear, taking hold of the woman's waist, forcefully penetrates her, and enjoys her as if he were a bull.

The Sitting Posture for when both man and woman are sitting. Here the woman will slightly raises one leg by placing the hand under it, and the penetrates her and enjoys her fully.

Some Interesting Information for the Man and Woman

- When the man is tired, the woman on top position must be used.

- The woman should learn to handle a man's penis as if it were the tit of a cow, and milk it.

- A woman should learn the technique of developing her vaginal muscles so that not even a motion is required to bring the man to orgasm, but the contractions she is able to produce.

- The couple must practice sexual variety, as lack of it will soon cause both man and woman to seek different sensations from others.

- When a woman's vagina has lost its tightness and has become slack, the man should press her legs together during sexual activity and she will appear tight once again.

- If the woman is stronger than the man, she must open her legs very wide, and let the man penetrate her. She will weaken immediately.

These are only a few gems from this timeless classic, whose advice today is as appropriate now as it was then.

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