Be Well for the Holidays

by Ruth Marlene Friesen - Date: 2006-12-24 - Word Count: 740 Share This!

Do you find that just as Christmas holidays, (or other holidays) come closer you come down with some sort of health problem? It can be headaches, digestive disturbances, flu symptoms, or a fierce and unrelenting cough. Whatever it is, this problem gets in the way of the enjoyment you had hoped for over the holidays.

My big bout with pneumonia and pleurisy last December really messed things up for me. I got so little done of my Christmas preparations, while I hacked away with a cough fit to bring up my toenails! I tried various herbal remedies as well as the over-the-counter medications, and nothing seemed to fully lick the problem, until I discovered that I had the remedy in my bathroom cabinet.

We need to recognize that as Christmas draws closer, we are often at social functions at which we eat rich foods which may not agree with our digestive system, but while we're laughing and talking with people, we slip them into our mouths anyway without thinking.

We may also have conflicts with family members about how, and where we will celebrate Christmas, and these depress our souls and our spirit, making them more susceptible to spiritual attacks, which become evident through physical ailments.

Thirdly, we get so busy with all our extra projects such as shopping, gift making, decorating, and extra contacts with people that we slack off on our rest and our private devotional lives with God. This takes a toll on our bodies too.

In at least three ways we are open game for trouble - the kind that will hurt and hinder us right in the midst of the season of joy.

Here are three ways to deal with these problems. Individually they may or may not show immediate results, but if you take them together, and make an effort to carry out all three, you should be well for the holidays.

One. Cleanse your gut, your digestive tract with high fibre (i.e. bran, raw veggies) and even natural laxatives, and drink lots and LOTS of water!. Purify your blood by drinking some hot water with a teaspoon of molasses in it. When your blood platelets are healthy they can deal with unwanted germs better. Enchinecea is another good guard. Herbal teas with dried leaves of plantain, comfrey, and or nettle, are one of my favourites too.

When I get alarmed that things are not clearing up as quickly as I'd like, I resort to a bitter-tasting, but powerful remedy - drops of Oil of Oregano under my tongue. That is a strong killer of infections, and that's what turned the tide on my super-duper cough and pleurlsy infection last year.

Do not forget to get some rest. Give up some things you meant to do, to get in some hours devoted to sleep and rest. Our bodies do their best healing work when we are asleep.

Two. From a spiritual perspective, I notice that I am more susceptible to physical attacks when I have let up on quality time with the Lord. So the best answer is to give some hours over to talking very frankly with Him about the bad habits and faults that I have allowed to creep into my life. I confess them as sins, and ask Him to cleanse me of them, and to help me overcome them with positive habits. Especially when it comes to resisting all kinds of sweets and treat foods that I don't normally allow myself - I need spiritual strength to leave them alone, or say with a smile, "No, thanks."

Perhaps it is fretting about other's attitudes towards you, and the things they have said or implied. These too, must be brought to the Lord, and turned over to Him for grace to forgive and cover with love.

Third. When you have done all these things, and the perspective of how Christmas will turn out still worries you, then it is time to confess that worry as sin, and to deliberately, and with your voice aloud, turn the whole matter over to the Lord. Resolve, make up your mind to trust Him, and rejoice. Because He is able and willing. Stand ready to see some miracles!

Your miracle may not impress others, but if you have a headache and it goes away, and if you can cheerfully chat with difficult people, or if you can ignore the sugary sweets, and sip water or tea, and feel content through it all, you can call that a miracle. I do - often!

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