Better Presents From The Outside In - Joys Of Custom Wrapping Paper

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In the last 10 years gift wrapping has changed substantially. I can remember the times when presents were wrapped in the same generic wrapping paper, usually handed down or left over from previous years. Nowadays the wrapping paper itself can be just as important as the present inside. I would like to share my experiences on what has worked best for me over the last few years.

A few years ago on Christmas I had an epiphany. My sons, 6 and 4 at the time, were arguing because they kept opening each others presents. Overzealous and anxious, they would rip presents open, only to find that they had opened the wrong gifts. Of course, whoever's gift was wrongfully opened became utterly devastated. I wondered to myself, there has got to be a better way..

Gift tags never seemed to stand out enough (probably because the gifts were all wrapped with the same rolls of paper). And gift bags were always so plain and boring. I needed a new system. So I began looking for a more unique way to tell presents apart.

That's when I stumbled upon a neat site, My prayers were answered! I was able to create custom wrapping paper for each person, for every occasion. My sons were amazed the next year when they ran down the stairs to open their Christmas presents. Each present was wrapped with different pictures from the past year. Whoever's picture was on the wrapping paper, was who the present belonged to. My sons had just as much fun looking, laughing at, and reminiscing about their photos as they did opening the gifts! It definitely added a new dynamic to our Christmas mornings, one that I wouldn't trade for the world.

Since then, I have created personalized wrapping paper for everybody and every occasion. I made a roll of custom gift wrap for my parents on their anniversary, one for my wife on Valentine's Day, and even a roll for my buddy on his birthday. Depending on the situation I can choose to wrap my gift with something funny, sweet, or just plain sentimental. It even helps when I don't know what to get someone; it shows extra thought even though they will probably never use whatever gift I gave them. custom wrapping paper starts at $15 a roll, and becomes cheaper the more you order. However, after placing numerous orders, I was given a VIP coupon code for 15% off - SMRGSKN.

I hope everyone reading this enjoys creating their own custom wrapping paper as much as I do. Trust me, once you give custom gift wrap, you never go back.

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