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Who doesn't wish to have white sparkling teeth? We all love a beautiful, white, attractive and healthy smile. But not everyone has beautiful white teeth. Teeth discoloration is a very common problem found in many people. Teeth discoloration is caused due to various reasons like the bad eating and drinking habits, the improper and irregular brushing of the teeth and also diseases. Strong medications and genetic problems also are some of the basic reason for discolored teeth.

Today, getting rid of the discolored teeth has also become very easy due to the various whitening agents that are available in the market. With the invention of the various whitening systems, we should not forget about the simple home remedies to keep our teeth clean and white. Here are a few very simple tips to get rid from the discoloration of teeth.

Home remedies to get rid of teeth discoloration:

1 Brush regularly with a good toothpaste. 2 Eat citrus fruits like strawberries, lemon, oranges etc. regularly if you wish to remove discoloration from your teeth. 3 Brush your teeth with baking soda. Baking soda is well known Teeth Whitener agent. 4 You can also add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide to baking soda for removing discoloration and getting whiter teeth. 5 Avoid using mouthwashes to clean your teeth. Instead brush your teeth regularly. Mouthwash contains various chemicals which affect your teeth. Thus brushing your teeth is a better option than using a mouthwash. 6 You can also use salt to rub on your teeth in order to remove discoloration and make your teeth whiter. 7 After brushing teeth, you should use a floss to remove the food particles from the inner parts of your teeth. This will prevent the formation of plaques on your teeth.

Regular teeth whitening systems used to remove teeth discoloration:

8 Use a good tooth whitening tray from the various brands available in the market. 9 You can use the teeth whitening kit available in the market. 10 Another teeth whitening agent available in the pharmacies is the crest white strips. 11 Many people use the tooth bleaching kit available in the pharmaceuticals. You can use the following types of teeth bleaching kits to clean you teeth and make them beautiful. These kits include the rapid teeth whitening, LED teeth whitening, complete teeth whitening etc. 12 Another kit available in the market is that of the teeth whitening gel-pro formula for removing the teeth discoloration. 13 Finally, the best way to get rid of discoloration from your teeth is to go on regular basis to a dentist.

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