Fluke Tir1 Thermal Imager - Infrared Ir Imaging Camera

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The Fluke TiR1 thermal imager has been optimized and built specifically for building envelope, restoration, inspection, and roofing applications. Property managers and facility managers use thermal imaging to protect investments and keep buildings in a well maintained, healthy state. Restoration professionals are using thermal imaging to increase their business opportunities, differentiate themselves from their competitors and generate documentation in case they need to defend a future liability claim.

All Fluke thermal imaging cameras come standard with Fluke's revolutionary IR Fusion(r). Fluke's IR-Fusion(r) Technology allows you to see things both ways, in infrared and visible light fused together, communicating critical information faster and easier. Traditional infrared images are no longer enough. IR-Fusion technology simultaneously captures a digital photo in addition to the infrared image and fuses it together taking the mystery out of IR image analysis. Simply scroll through the 5 viewing modes to identify trouble areas in full infrared light, full visual light, picture-in-picture, or automatic blend visual and thermal images.

The Fluke TiR1 has a few special goodies of its own, in its bag of tricks. Its thermal sensitivity (NETD) is = 0.07 C. That's less than a 2 Fahrenheit accuracy range, the most sensitive of all the hand-held Fluke models. Its measurement modes include a center marker and hot and cold markers, which pinpoint the minimum and maximum temperature spots in your field of view (FOV). It has six (6) different color palettes, on-screen emissivity correction, and even has a voice annotation recorder which allows the user to record a sixty second voice memo with each image captured.

The Fluke TiR1 is engineered and tested to withstand a 2 m (6.5 ft) drop, dust and water, and includes an IP54 rating. The 3.6 in diagonal landscape color LCD screen, with backlight, delivers the clear, crisp images at 160x120 pixels, a big help when needing to find problems fast. Thermal sensitivity is rated at

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