Making Friends With Your Dates

by Harry Z. Hogan - Date: 2010-10-02 - Word Count: 519 Share This!

Going out for dates may make you find the love of your life or your life-long partner. But sometimes dates can turn out to be a disgusting experience and you may just realize that you're unnecessarily adding one more entry of hateful event in your diary. Do you think that will be worth undertaking to find your prince among the frogs? Well, you may say yes. But what about turning an unlikeable date into a gig of friendship? Your date may not be the one you wish to be your lover, but he can be your wish of a friend.

Making friends with your date is a great thing a mature lady can do. Being hasty over what you want to find isn't always right. It may cause you to miss some important things that are there. It is not actually a waste of time; it conserves opportunities for friendship, that you may find later, are worth sticking to.

Here are some principles to keep in mind when going out for a date:

* Be on time- Ladies need not be early but they must be on time. Arriving on the exact time agreed upon shows that you have a word of honor and a quality of seriousness. In any appointment, time is of essence. Anyone who comes late disgusts the others and it only shows that you're not interested at all. But if unavoidable circumstances occur, coming over even late may save his impression on you. Remember that you two are in the onset of knowing each other. Show your good sides but don't feign a trait.

* Be courteous in your words- Words are important elements to weigh the kind of person in front of you. His words will prove what is on his mind and most of the times, his intentions. You too will be tested by the same. Be careful with the things that you say. Don't criticize and don't rudely interrupt. Don't say things that you do not really mean. Be real without being rude.

* Be courteous in your actions- The person's appearance will give you the first impression. Handsome or plain as he is, give him a warm smile of appreciation. Talk to him with ease and ask him some good questions. Pay attention to the words that he say and not his appearance when he talks. Conversation is a great way of knowing well each other.

* Appreciate his assets- Don't flatter your date. This may make him think that you are overly interested on him. But in some instances, appreciate some of his assets. They may be his efforts of coming early, treating the food, or the great conversation you had.

* Thank him for his time- In any appointment, the person you're meeting with must be thanked for the time spent. Whether you enjoyed or got bored, still say the words that you are thank you.

At the end of the date, you may make a sudden decision of turning down a possibility of you two being lovers but you never know the time. So, it is good to leave or start it with a friendship formed.

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