Burnishing Pads - The Answer To Your Polishing Needs

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When people are first introduced to the beauty of concrete flooring, they are initially floored by its excellent looks. Thanks to recent advances in polishing equipments and techniques, contractors are now using burnishing pads to polish concrete floor surfaces, whether new or old, to a high-gloss finish that never needs waxes or coatings. Not only these diamond burnishing pads are the valuable tools for concrete contractors to maintain the floor's appearance and cleanliness, but also they pick up dead finish and dirt; replace it with smooth, clean and glossy finish. The resulting floor is sparkly and clean-looking floor that shines like a diamond. Most importantly, the clients are thrilled and have used the flooring system in many of their facilities, with plans to continue to do so.

Contractor says the benefits of floor polishing pads are numerous, including the fact that it produces a low-maintenance floor system that only needs to be cleaned with a concrete cleaner on a regular basis. In addition, it creates a surface that is extremely light reflective. Let us go in deep, and see how floor polishing pads are the valuable tool for concrete contractors.

Benefits of Burnishing Pads for Concrete Contractors

1. New technology pads remove black marks and returns gloss in fewer passes than other pads while producing less dust.

2.Ideal for harder finishes and high traffic areas.

3. Provides a more consistent finish on a variety of surfaces

4. Scratches are removed or greatly reduced and floor is left smooth and clean.

5. Removes marks and scuffs while polishing.

6. Keeps the shine level of the floor on a regular basis

7. Produces brilliant gloss while removing scuffs and marks. Exceptional durability and life.

8. Provides consistent high gloss while minimizing swirl marks.

9. Exceptional durability and life.

10. Polishing pads can be easily applied at restaurants, schools, hospitals, shopping centers and other commercial floor applications.

Before choosing floor polishing pads, one needs to determine the hardness of the finish, the frequency of care, and the equipment being used. You can maintain the shine level you desire by simply using the premium quality diamond maintenance pads. Once you have determined the shine level you want (medium, fine or very fine), simply use that final pad grit on your buffer machine. It is a recipe that can be fine-tuned until an end-user knows exactly what works for their needs.

At the last, factor in the superior durability, the floor's clean, attractive and easier to maintain attitude, and performance of concrete, and experience why concrete contractors are opting for burnishing pads as an alternative to marble, granite, tile, linoleum, or coated concrete.

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