Daytona Beach Events - Interesting Destination Which You Should Not Miss

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When considering a vacation destination, think Daytona Beach. Then, think about all the Daytona Beach Events and attempt to correspond your vacation around one of these many events that has made Daytona a wonderful place to rest and relax. There are many of these events to choose from, therefore, let's discuss some of these in more detail.

Lets start with the basics of Daytona Beach. The weather in the summer averages about ninety degrees and in the winter months averages around sixty degrees. For the biggest part, the year round weather is relatively pleasant.

The ocean water temperature is anywhere from seventy five to eighty degrees in the summer, with the winter having it averaging seventy degrees. The beach is always breezy and depending upon the time of year, can be a bit chilly at times.

That's it for the basics, now lets get into the meat of it all starting with NASCAR. Daytona is where NASCAR started and has been a mecca for race fans since. February brings the Daytona Five Hundred and places a national spotlight on the town. This also occurs in July with another of NASCAR's premiere races. There is also the "Daytona Five Hundred Experience" which is a museum to NASCAR and enables people the opportunity to actually drive a race car around the track.

Then there is Bikeweek, also in February. This is the time when thousands of motorcycles travel the highways and streets of Daytona. Special events are geared toward these two wheelers. From concerts, to bar and drink oriented things. However, one does not have to be a biker to enjoy them. October brings Biketoberfest. Basically the same event as Bikeweek.

March is the time for both high school and college spring breaks. Thousands of spring breakers converge upon the area's beaches for fun and frolic in the surf. This is approximately three weeks of tremendous fun.

Those are just a few of the bigger name events that goes on. There are also many other smaller events that happen throughout the year too. Things like Turkey Rod Run, which is a time when classic and hot rod cars get together right after Thanksgiving and converge in the Daytona International Speedway parking lot. They also travel around the area too, and can be seen doing so.

Depending upon their schedule, the space shuttle may be lifting off. Just fifty miles south of Daytona is Kennedy Space Center and the liftoffs can be viewed from many of the area's beaches.

It seems that there is always something going on in Daytona. Therefore, when planning a beach type vacation, consider Daytona Beach.

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