Health Risks Associated With Body Piercing

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Piercing different parts of the body other than the ear has become quite a trend over the past ten years.Wearing body jewelry has become popular not just with teens but young adults and not so young adults as well. However, careful consideration should be given when deciding to have any part of your body pierced as there is always the risk of allergies or infections. Some of these complications are more serious than others. Sometimes the infection can come from the type of metal that is used in the jewelry and sometimes infections can come from the piercing procedure itself.

Metals used in body jewelry

Before purchasing jewelry, you should consult a professional as to what type of metal is best to use as some can cause allergic reactions. There are metals which are safe to use such as surgical implant stainless steel and surgical implant titanium. You should not use any type of fake gold or jewelry made from base metals as they will be likely to corrode when exposed to body fluids.

Infections due to piercing

The most common bacterial organism found in infected piercing sites is staphylococcus. Other complications consist of swelling, redness, drainage, bleeding, cyst formation, large scars and trauma. Minor complications can occur in about 20% of individuals, with major complications occurring in about 3% of individuals.

Care after piercing

Healing times can vary depending on the body part that was pierced. Healing times can take anywhere from a few weeks to a year. After having a piercing done, you should pay careful attention to it. Always keep the area clean using soap but not alcohol. Don't pick or tug at the pierced area. You should avoid using hydrogen peroxide as it may break down newly formed skin tissue. If you have a mouth piercing, use alcohol-free, antibacterial mouthwash after eating. If your piercing doesn't heal correctly or you feel something might be wrong with it, you should get medical attention immediately.

The decision to have your body pierced for the purpose of jewelry is something that should be made with great consideration. It is normal for people to follow fashion trends as most of them are harmless. However when it comes to piercing there can be some complications involved. You should do your own research an consider all the facts about body piercing before making your decision. Also, you should never do the piercing yourself or allow a friend to do it. You should always have it done by a professional in a clean and safe environment.

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