16 Quick and Easy Ways to Drive Instant Traffic to Your Blog!

by Carl Ocab - Date: 2007-04-19 - Word Count: 365 Share This!

Well who doesn't want traffic?! Even I love it! Of course, traffic is the food of websites and you cannot make money online without it! So what I will be teaching you is "How to get quick and easy traffic!" remember that these techniques are proven techniques by gurus and even me! So don't be shy to try them, you won't lose anything!

1. Ping your blog after each of your blog posts. If you are using WordPress you could easily list all the pinging services in the ping list to automatically ping your post.

A good example of a pinging site is Pingoat. It pings over 55 blog ping servers!

2. Log in to your yahoo account and subscribe to your blog at you're my yahoo page. This makes your blog noticed by Yahoo! Just wait for a day or two to see your site at the yahoo search engine!

3. Do the same to MSN, ;-)

4. Also to Google ;-)

5. If you have friends and you talk by e-mail, always leave your link after each message. This will make your friend curious and likely to click it.

6. Submit on famous article directories like what I'm doing right now :) Try submitting on ezinearticles and goarticles.

7. Make a Press Release; submit it on sites like Prweb.

8. Try to digg each of your post.

9. Join stumbleupon and make stumble exchanges at stumblexchange.com and also try to stumble each of your blog posts.

10. If you're using WordPress, try installing the plug-in called sociable.

11. Comment on popular blogs. If you even want more, comment on blogs that has the top commentators list and try to get in it! (But don't spam;-))

12. Use adwords. This is the most effective way but it really costs a lot!

13. Post frequently so people would go to your more often.

14. Build original content - nothing beats content that you made!

15. Build Quality content! - Quality is better than quantity

16. Build more and MORE content!

After all those hard work you've done to your blog, all you have to do is wait, wait and wait. Just wait for a couple of minutes and I swear to you that it will take effect! If it doesn't don't be shy to e-mail me.

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