How to Get a Secured Deal With Loans

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Whenever you're planning to go for a loan to fund a major expense, you'll always be faced with various loan options. But here's when you'd stop to think which one to choose, because all loans would not suit your particular needs or situation. Every loan is gestated with the borrower's requirements, and therefore, think before making your loan choice.

While you're hunting for the perfect loan option, you'll often be faced with terms like a ‘secured' loan and an ‘unsecured' loan. Unsecured loans are the personal loans, student loans, personal lines of credit, etc. These are granted only after checking the credit history and analyzing repayment possibilities. These also have higher interest rates and allow less borrowing amount, compared to secured loans. The latter, as the name suggests, is secured in the sense that the lender would have a security (assets like home, car) against the loan. For example, a mortgage loan is a secured loan where the collateral pledged is property/home. Unlike unsecured loans, secured loans naturally offer lower rates, higher borrowing amount and a longer repayment term as the lender has the ‘security' (your asset) to fall back on in case you default on your payment.

Secured loans are best when you need a big sum to meet an expense or when you want to have an extended repayment period or if you have a bad credit history to get an unsecured loan. As there's a collateral pledged here, lenders are more comfortable in lending the money to almost everyone. However, the borrower runs the risk of losing the property/car in case of a default.

Home improvement loans, home loan or home equity loans, auto loans, recreational vehicle loans, home equity lines of credit, etc. are some common secured loans. The loan amount, the terms and the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for secured loans depend on the value of the property, borrower's ability to repay the loan and his situation. The supreme advantages of secured loans are:

Lower payments per month
Lower interests
Higher borrowing capacity
Longer repayments terms (up to 25 years)

Although in secured loans, you stand a chance of losing your home/car if you fail to meet the terms and conditions, it is definitely a secured deal when it comes to loans because you have more benefits here than in ordinary personal loans. However, you must bear in mind that secured loans, like all others, are subject to market forces and competition. Therefore, rates keep changing from provider to provider. This is one reason why you should do a comparative study when sealing the best secured loan deal.

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