Relationships, The Misunderstanding of Relationships

by DIONIS FERNANDEZ - Date: 2008-11-17 - Word Count: 419 Share This!

So many books, so many magazines. So many wasted sheets of paper to explain something that not even their authors completely understand.

So many websites, so many blogs. So many wasted bytes of data with misleading information.

So much music, so many movies. So much entertainment leaving people blind with a false concept.

As it is mentioned in the biblical quote:

"...If a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit." (Matthew 15:14 NIV])

And much of society has fallen into a pit because of what music, entertainment and modern culture has lead them to believe about love and relationships.

Proof that modern culture is blind to these topics are their own results. We see their high divorce rates, continuous affairs, multiple scandals, and many broken relationships within their own society.

If the majority of those famous artist who speak about love, and relationships have the right concept, then they shouldn't have so many problems with them.

Sadly, many people who listen to their music and view their media actually believe what they have to say, and end up with similar results.

Not to mention that those artist have the potential to reach a wide audience through the power of the media and their entertainment. Along with their misleading facts, they are capable of forming an epidemic of false ideas that spreads like a virus contaminating the minds many people.

The reason why this problem exist has to do a lot with ambitious monetary gain and the fact that the authors who produce such works, know less about love than the people who are being entertained.

Or more simply: they do not know what real love means and produce entertainment that people like mainly because of money.

And as a result, the people who listen to their music and watch their media are greatly influenced by their false information and usually take action according to what they learn from it.

In conclusion: all this leads us to understand that people have the wrong perception of relationships and they actually believe what the media has to say about it.

If that was not the case, society would not have so many troubled relationships and we would start seeing divorce rates go down instead of going up. The author is the owner of, website were many important articles about marriage, love and relationships are posted. Please feel free to visit our unique quality content blog at and leave any comments that you might have.

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