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Whenever we talk of music mobile phones one name that straightway comes to our mind is Sony Ericsson. Sony Ericsson has always been associated with the quality music widgets. Their mobile gadgets besides being high in music department are also very performance-oriented. In addition to that Sony Ericsson also pays high attention to the grooming of their manufactured handsets. This is done so that the phones can suit to the tastes and preferences of modern customers. Due to their exceptional music features and sophisticated looks the phones from Sony Ericsson are so popular among the young generation.

Handsets like W660i, W750i, W760i and W580i are the handsets which are highly popular among the young people. Most of these phones come with trackID feature which helps the user to know all about the playing song. In other words, it gives all the information regarding to the playing track. Besides that they also come with built-in FM radio that allows the user to listen to their choice of music at their favourite music stations. The popularity of Sony Ericsson music handsets speaks volumes of their capabilities. One of their recent mobile widgets gives the option to the user to just shake up the phone and change the playing track. The sound qualities of Sony Ericsson is just terrific and even the built-in radio does not disappoints the user.

Only taking Sony Ericsson's name will not be justifiable. There are also other manufacturers in the market which are now trying to give Sony Ericsson's handsets a run for their money. One of them is Samsung, a world famous brand of Home appliances also in the market of mobile manufacturing. One of their set Samsung Beat450 is a music phone to reckon with. This phone is a sensational music device is very difficult to ignore. Its 3-D surround sound feature will allow the users to enjoy the ultimate music experience. It also has got the music navigation wheel. In addition to Samsung another premier home appliances brand ie LG has also launched some handsets that has got very extraordinary music features. Some of are the mobile widgets that come with one-touch MP3 player. This allows the user to enjoy the music without operating many functions.

Looking a tough competition in market in this field of music mobile phones, world renowned mobile phone manufacturers have also launched a range of music widgets. Hence today there is a flood of music mobile phones in the market and it entirely depends upon the customer which music phone he wants to purchase.

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