All About ATV Lift Kits

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Sometimes, there is need to raise your ATV even just a fraction away from the ground. It could be a much too rocky terrain that keeps banging on the ATVs underside, or your ATV is way too lowered and you need to pass a stretch of a watery trail. Either way, you need ATV lift kits to get the work done.

ATV lift kits are sets of bolts and braces that are designed to adjust your ATV and gain more ground clearance. ATV lift kits have an average of 2 inch lift. They are also easy bolt-on-bracket system that you can easily install while on the road.

There are several kinds of ATV lift kits available, most of them designed for a specific machine so it isnt choose-your-preference exercise. You should consider your vehicle type and the manufacturers stock suspension. You should consider, too, the existing lift your ATV tires allow on your vehicle and decide how much lift you need installed. You need to balance the overall existing conditions of your ATV and the lift youre going to install, if theres a working harmony between them. Remember, the higher your ATV is from the ground, the higher, too, will be its center of gravity. This, in turn will heighten the risk of your ATV of overturning.

Besides terrain conditions, ATV lift kits are also used to enhance an ATVs working condition. Here are some samples of ATV lift kits and how it is employed to enhance performance.

ATV Lift Kit used: Kawasaki Mule Lift System
Applies on all Mules (Kawasaki)

This lift system provides 2" lift while improving the suspensions of the mule. The kit replaces the front coils, increasing the non cab model spring rate by 15% and the cab model by 35%. Spacers for the struts complete the front lift. The rear lift is achieved using extended length shackles which provide extra clearance.

The improvement would allow a greater load limit than without the enhancement. Since the overall load capabilities have improved, the work capabilities for this machine has proportionally improved.

ATV Lift Kit used: Honda Lift Systems
Applies on: TRX350 -00-04, TRX400 AT 04-05, TRX400 91-93, TRX450 98-05, TRX500 02-05, TRX650 03-04

This 2 inch lift system enhances the bikes handling, performance and stability by making modifications to the stock geometry. The design will be a large factor in stabilizing the bikes suspension and make it more sure footed over rough terrain.

This installation allows more stability in rough terrain. If used in junction with large and wide set of tires, rest assured all rides will be comfortable.

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