List Building - Autoresponder Basics

by Sean Mize - Date: 2007-04-13 - Word Count: 287 Share This!

First of all, what is an autoresponder? An autoresponder is a software or service that allows you to enter a subscribers' information once and enable the subscriber to receive future messages at predetermined intervals. In this way, you can automate all of your emailing, ensuring that each subscriber receives the same message on a predetermined set interval. An autoresponder will generally allow you to track open rates and click through rates on each individual email, allowing you to make changes in the emails to create higher response and profitability.

There are two basics ways to use an autoresponder. You can purchase autoresponder software and host it on your web server, or you can use an autoresponder service.

I do not recommend purchasing autoresponder software and using it for your mailings. The biggest problem in today's web environment is the propensity for your web host's IP address to be banned by the major email providers. Because today's subscribers will often report an email as spam, even when it is not, it is easy to banned by the email providers, and it is quite difficult to be allowed access to that email provider again. If you are, you will have to provide documentation that you are indeed following CAN-SPAM guidelines. Although you may technically be able to do that, it is time -consuming, especially if you have a large list.

I recommend using a professional autoresponder service. I prefer and use aweber. In the past I have made other recommendations, to give people choices, but I have found through my coaching that it is certainly easier for all of my clients to be using the same company. That way, I can easily give instructions for how to create a specific redirect, etc.

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