Pinatubo Monster - The Volcano Lake Serpent

by Robert Benjamin - Date: 2010-09-29 - Word Count: 439 Share This!

In the Philippines, near the town Buhawen (which is a mining town), there lives a large serpent-like creature that is currently making life dreadful for the locals. This creature is said to be around 7 feet long, with a width of roughly 3 feet. Although some people claim that this might just be mass hysteria or a case of mistake identity, the Aeta have assured everyone that this creature cannot be an eel, a large fish, or any other creature that is usually found in the river basin. This is because, according to the people, they know the river and they know the organisms on it and this creature is something new and something that scares them.

The very first sighting of the Pinatubo Monster was on November 5, 2002, when a young boy playing in the river noticed what he initially thought were logs floating in the water. Once he approached it to play with it, the serpent-like creature showed its true form, which caught the boy by surprise and thus, he gave out a loud shriek. This scream attracted other Aetas but when they got to the boy, the creature had swam away, bothered by the screaming. In January 12, 2003 there were a multitude of eyewitness accounts of seeing the serpent-like creature in the river basin.

After these incidents, the Aetas have taken drastic measures in protecting their people. They now forbade playing and bathing in the river to avoid any incidents with the creature. Unfortunately, these people are fisher folk but with the entrance of the monster into their workplace, they have been forced to abandon their livelihood. In fact, the situation is so bad that the Aetas have now relied on captured frogs and other small animals for their sustenance.

The Aetas believe that there is a wide government cover-up of the whole Pinatubo Monster incident. This is because, when they asked for the local government's help, they were either told that the monster was merely a school of fish, or they were made to go around in circles through bureaucratic red tape. Some people also believe that the government is covering up the effects of the dumping of toxic materials by the mining companies from the near by village.

No matter what is in that river basin or what caused it, one thing is for sure; there is something in those waters. There is something large and intimidating enough to drive people out.

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