Small Was Beautiful

by Max J. Pucher - Date: 2008-07-31 - Word Count: 888 Share This!

We live in a world of gigantomaniacs. We now have huge governments, huge corporations, huge projects and therefore huge failures. If you believe that it is the bad-boy capitalists who are the cause then you believe the lies of socialist governments. Yes, it is the corporations who are asking for free markets, but when a market consists of a few huge players and many tiny ones it is anything else but free. The individuals involved in it are not free at all. Many rules that the small business owners are suffering from were made for large corporations who always find a way around them with the amount of clout and money they can spend.

The vision of freedom should apply to people and individual business owners to at maximum medium size businesses. Large corporations and stock market speculators must not necessarily have freedom to the extent that they have it. The oil price bubble we have right now is caused by too much freedom for speculative traders. The volumes traded are several thousand times the amount of oil needed. With every trade performed the price goes up for the consumer. I do not have a solution and I am not asking for regulation, but for guiding principles. I am against governments stepping in and taking over, but I am for simple and sensible rules of the game we call social and business life. Keeping businesses in sensible sizes maybe one way to achieve that. I am clearly a heretic in regards to capitalist concepts here.

What ever happened to 'small is beautiful?' We allow these huge governments and businesses to dominate our lives and take away our freedom. A business beyond a certain size is a monopoly by default. Microsoft is a good example. Not people but businesses would need to be taxed progressively by the amount of revenue or growth in stock market value. It is not true that only large governments and large corporations can do big things. Virtually any project today is performed by a conglomerate of companies and when you take the outsourcing providers and supply chain into it, I see no need for businesses larger than a few thousand people.

Likewise, government projects should be local and not national. Central government projects must be service charged buy-in only and not mandatory. Particularly with the age of the Internet I see not problem for many small entities to cooperate at a distance. But the Internet has become the perfect means for governments to control and spy on people. Something that we need to put a stop to a soon as we can. If governmental policies would not interfere with how other people want to live, then we would not have to be afraid of Islamic terrorists and we would not have to give up our freedom so that we can be protected from them. This is one of the most incredible lies of today. First governments mess up foreign politics and then they meddle with out privacy to ‘protect us' from the mess they created.

That we have more and more government regulation and control over our lives is because governments have seriously failed us. The exaggerations about the dangers of nuclear power created by the likes of Greenpeace is responsible for our current dependency on oil, which is responsible for our political and military meddling in the Middle East, which is responsible for our terrorist fears and the related government sanctioned spying on its citizens. The illusions of global markets is responsible for our drop in a European workforce. The lies of governments claiming being able to simply pay for the retirement of major percentage of older citizens are responsible for the incredible taxation and social security. Why should young people now be punished for the lies of former politicians and the illusion and ignorance od the people who voted for them. I do not think it is fair.

As soon as a citizen gets money from the government he must not be allowed to vote, for example government employees, the unemployed or people in retirement because they have a conflict of interest. There are now more retirees in most European countries than there are workers, so what kind of government will be voted into power?

So here we are in a mess of visions, illusions and lies and I wonder how we will make through it. We are given so much conflicting and incorrect information that no one can no longer make sense of it. I totally agree that we should vote against a EU contract that no one - including politicians - understands in terms of its true consequences. All they do is vote themselves into more power with more of the citizens money to spend. And the way they do it by discussing visions, allowing illusions ... but they create them with lies. The visions are now gone and illusions and lies is all we are left with.

In the words of Nicholas Taleb in his book ‘The Black Swan' we the modern Western people in our illusionary democracies are like a turkey 8 weeks before Thanksgiving. We start to believe that humans (politicians) are our benefactors because they start to feed us a lot each day. We believe this up to the day the guy with the big knife comes ...


This was originally published on my blog: 'On Writing.'

Max J. Pucher is the founder and current Chief Architect of ISIS Papyrus Software, a globally operating company that specializes in Artificial Intelligence for business process and communication. He has written several books, frequently speaks and writes on IT and holds several patents.

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