Logbook loans: A Comfortable Way to Arrange Finance

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Are you tired of being refused the regular loans? If yes, go for the much convenient and refreshingly new ‘Logbook loans'. Immediate services and benefits of secured as well as unsecured loan make it distinctive and give freedom to the borrowers.

Brief review

In this type of personal loan the registered logbook of the borrower is kept by the lender in exchange of the loan amount offered. Logbook comprises of various entries regarding the owner of the vehicle and is valid for five years. Loan amount ranging from £500-£50000 is offered and it varies depending on the lender and the vehicle. A small research may help to obtain a very good deal.


Ideally vehicle should be less then eight years old and must be free from any financial claim. It must be on the name of borrower and he should have regular income. Logbook is kept by the lender until the loan amount is repaid. MOT test securing the safety ride in vehicle must be passed before going for this loan. Lending policy solely determines the complete agreement.


The main feature which make it most attractive is no credit check. Hence people having bad credit history or bad credit score also get a chance to draw the funds of their choice. There is no restriction on driving the car .only thing which should taken care is the maintenance of the vehicle which is to be done by the buyer.

There are a number of benefits in taking these loans, some of which are listed below.
- No credit check.
- Can be taken for any declared legal use.
- Online application available which makes the entire process swift.
- Fast sanction of logbook loans.
- Promptness of approval.
- Very less prerequisites.
Thus a borrower can enjoy lots of benefits from such loans. The best part of the deal is that the customer enjoys the benefits at two fronts: riding the car and getting the loan against the car. Due to these benefits it is the most popular and highly demanded loan in market.

Scarlette started on a horse back and had a few falls herself. Therefore, she knows Financial decisions are to be made after considerable thought and backed by good financial understanding. To find secured loans against logbook, unsecured loans for logbook, secured vehicle finance visit http://www.logbookloans.org.uk

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