Breast Cancer - How To Prevent This Disease

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Breast cancer is a disease where the breast and the surrounding tissues are attacked by malignant cancer cells. The person with breast cancer is bound to experience a lot of problems including problems with health and a fenago of emotional trauma.

Fortunately, the medical science has developed and prospered enough to prescribe certain effective measures to prevent this serious disease. Most people who are vulnerable to this disease should be happy to learn that they can prevent the development of this disease.

There are several factors you should give utter importance to in order to work towards the prevention of this disease.

Here are some measures you can take in order to prevent breast cancer:

A) Restrict alcohol in take

There is a strong association between consumption of alcohol and breast cancer. Here, the type of alcohol you consume makes no difference. You may claim to indulge in the finest of wine, beer or mixed drinks. No matter what, an alcohol consumption is just an alcohol consumption period. You should focus on limiting your alcohol consumption rather than justifying the brand, quality or amount of alcohol you take. Avoid alcohol completely in the word, Abstain!

B) Weight control

It is very important to maintain a healthy body weight. Consider your height and check the ratio of your body weight to the height. Consult a health care professional regarding the ideal weight you should maintain. Exercise for about 30 minutes daily and focus on healthy foods such as salads and fruits. Excess fatty tissue will circulate estrogen in your body.

C) Physically active lifestyle

It is extremely crucial to maintain an active lifestyle if you want to maintain a healthy blood sugar level in your body. Regular exercise will help you in this regard. You need to aim for at least 30 minutes of work out each day. Consult a health care practitioner and start an exercise regime today. Go for regular walking, Jogging or aerobics sessions. You will be able to keep your bones strong.

D) Limit fat intake

According to several studies and researches, people who take a large amount of fats in their diet are at higher risk of developing breast cancer. Hence, you must make sure that your diet has limited amount of fat and oily subscribers in it.

E) There are some other preventive options available for breast cancer.

These include going for certain therapies, eating certain medications and also keep yourself checking for any traces of lumps in or around the breast and under the armpit, change in the size and appearance of nipples and breast.

One must stay far off from long term use of hormone therapies. Birth control pills, antibiotics and pesticides should also be strictly avoided. Exposure to pesticides may cause a lot of health problems to an individual. One of the serious health risks may be in shape of breast cancer development.

Breast cancer can be prevented by including natural or synthetic forms of retinoid (vitamin A) and flax seeds in your diet.

Self examination of breast also plays a significant role in preventing breast cancer.

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