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by Warren Heart - Date: 2007-08-03 - Word Count: 594 Share This!

When times are tough, it can be easy to turn inward, and look out for number one. However, the modern age has afforded many of us such a sufficient amount of prosperity that we have resources to spare. At the very least, we can spare kindness and occasional favors. We should also go further, because helping others brings many different kinds of rewards.

When you do someone else a favor, you feel good about yourself, and make their day a little more special. Seeing gratitude in their eyes can be a powerful motivator to continue helping others. A friend lends a hand when another needs assistance. People who work together can achieve much more than if they were to work apart. Yet despite all these benefits that come from aiding your fellow man, many still fail to understand what's so great about it.

Why wouldn't you want to help others? Perhaps you feel you've just been stretched too far, and can't spare a single moment for someone else. Maybe you're not as wealthy as you'd like, and equate good deeds with wasteful spending. Maybe someone taught you that selfish people get ahead in life. None of those ideas are correct.

You can always find a way to help someone else, even when it feels you've got too many responsibilities already. Doing good for others becomes extremely simple and easy once you decide to take the opportunities to help as they come up. You don't have to spend time going out of your way to help someone else. All you have to do is recognize the moments where you can have a positive impact, and then seize them.

Instead of thinking, "No time to lose, forget my needy friend," and ignoring that they dropped their things, you could help them pick up their stuff for a quick moment and then be on your way. When you overhear about how someone is planning on throwing out their old mattress, and your friend just moved to a new place in town, and is short on cash and furniture, you could say, "Wait, don't take that to the dump, why not give it to Joey?" The simple act of considering others will help you see moments in time that require very little effort on your part, but which can help those in need in a big way. So you see, you don't have to spend extra time or money to do extra good. You just have to keep your eyes open.

Selfish people don't go as far in life as they might otherwise, because the greatest success stories rely on a strong network of friends and coworkers to help them to the top, and making friends entails helping out when you can. "I look out for number one, because no one else will." The first part of that statement creates the second. If you only look out for yourself, you'll be the only one doing so. If you look out for others too, they'll usually return the favor. When you help someone else, you both benefit.

There are many people who disagree with the concept of doing good deeds, but in spite of that, helping others is the right thing to do. You don't have to be wealthy, or repentant, or bored. You simply have to take others into account, and seize the opportunities to help as they present themselves. And they will, again and again.

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