Creative and Simple Ideas for Halloween Holidays Costumes

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If we look at the history of Halloween costumes, we will find that this custom is followed by people for over 2000 years. In ancient days, the Celts dressed in crude costumes to celebrate the Celtic festival ‘Samhain". That's why still some Christians rebuff to celebrate Halloween as it has pagan origin. Samhain was celebrated by Celts to mark the end of a year and it also symbolized the final harvest period. Since, Samhain suggested the end of a harvesting period it was associated with human death. They also believed that during the night of October 31st, the ghosts returned to earth to cause trouble to the human kind. So, they burnt animals and crops in a bonfire as a sacrifice to their gods while donning scary costumes made from animal skin and heads.


When European immigrants entered America during 1800s, they surged Halloween into the American tradition. Also, during this period many Americans tried to alter the pagan theme of this holiday tradition into a more friendly festival and celebrated it with appropriate Halloween costumes. They organized get-togethers and emphasized the community to celebrate them in a kid-friendly way than with a theme of witchcraft and ghosts.


However, the change evolved only during 1950s and people started celebrating Halloween as a children's holiday. But, the children dressed up in scary costumes as they are influenced by movies like Dracula and The Wizard of Oz. They walked to each house yelling ‘trick or treat' and the pagan's connection with this holiday festival ended during this period. Halloween costumes become a booming industry during the year 2000 and also it has developed into America's second largest holiday.


Over the years, Halloween culture was embraced by everyone and celebrated everywhere. The modern day people started celebrating it as street parties and also in pubs, clubs and discos thus making it a grand gala celebration. Halloween props and other accessories are now worth the investment. It is a good idea to share the cost of these costumes among friends as most Halloween props available in the market can be stored easily and hence can be reused year after year.


The amusing and freakier Halloween costumes are generally in great demand before the month of Halloween and people throng to buy the Halloween masks and props to charm others. While men prefer scary Halloween costumes, women try to charm others with their coquettish and feminine Halloween costumes. Just let your mind's eye guide you in buying your funkier Halloween costume and enjoy the holiday with fun!

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