Apple Negotiating To Produce Newsstand For The Ipad

by Peter Gagnon - Date: 2010-10-18 - Word Count: 247 Share This!

With the arrival of the iPad earlier this year, many predicted the beginning of the end of old fashion periodical paper publications, or at least the beginning of a new publishing media era.

It's been lately announced that Apple Inc. would be in the process of creating a digital newsstand so that it can channelize a great amount of digital newspapers and magazines, especially for it's iPad customers.

We lately saw a growing number of publications available on the iPad, like the New York Times, Wired Magazine, Popular Mechanics or GQ Magazine. But so far, everyone had their own ways of managing the subscriptions and more importantly their own digital publication format.

What Apple would be preparing is something similar to the iBook store, in a goal to centralize most if not all periodical publications in it. By doing so, it aims at boosting the iPad sales while helping publishers sell more subscriptions than single issues.

So far, the only thing reportedly still holding the newsstand from hitting the AppStore is the negotiations about who of Apple or the publishers will be managing the subscriptions data and how revenues are going to be shared. Obviously the publishers want to have a crucial data access about who their customers are and their consuming habits.

If the stars get to be all aligned, we could expect the Newsstand to be introduced in the next couple of months, or maybe early in 2011 with - who knows - the arrival of the next version of the iPad.

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