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Ever since the invention of the perception of the teenager in the 1950s, the period of life that Muddy Waters termed ?manish boy,? has had to be negotiated by everyone living in Western societies. It?s a time of confusion about the destination, lifestyle experimentation, and sexual awakening. There are certain freedoms afforded to the teenager, but there are also pressures from others. In legions ways, a teenager is a blank slate, with no outcome written on them yet and every possibility available to them.

Perhaps the largest teenager issue of every one of is peer pressure ? the need to conform to the expectations of other folk in your environment and of your age bracket. There can be over-concern from parents about peer pressure leading teenagers into bad habits and mischievous acts, but as is suggested in Anthony Burgess? novel A Clockwork Orange, once in a blue moon teenagers need to experiment in ways that are frowned upon by polite society in order to transcend them. For example, numerous teenagers who sample drugs don?t go on to become users in later life.

Take a look at the broad spectrum of youth cultures that show sprung up since the post-war era; present-day-day tribes that define themselves in opposition to the ?square? establishment of teachers, parents, priests, and substantial corporation. Teenagers are uncertain about who they are and what they are supposed to be, and so it is natural for them to be drawn to ?clubs? they feel they may belong to and thrive in. Although Western cultures preach the worth of individuality, this quickly becomes subsumed into groups of young folk all attiring the same, using the same slang, and listening to the same music.

Bullying is a problem that larger folk face in their life, even from an early age. The teenage years may bring about bullying in a more severe mode. While being an individual is encouraged, it can also make teens a target for being picked on. Bullying could have a very detrimental effect on a teenager that can last for years after the incident or incidents. Bullying should be taken care of quickly to minimize the damage that could occur and to keep it from becoming worse.

Puberty is something that all teenagers face, whether they?re a boy or a girl. This includes body problems, changing voices, and even the guise they interact with the opposite sex. Boys and girls have variant subjects, but they also share a thin things in common.

Puberty causes teens to behave a different guise. They suddenly begin noticing the opposite sex in a brute style, but oftentimes don?t know how to react to those changes. They also experience changes when it comes to their bodies such as hair growing in new spots, changes in their spontaneity levels, and a change in their vocal cords, either increasing or decreasing.

The teenage years may be highly stressful because of family, friends, and school. Add to the fusion the onset of puberty, peer pressures, bullying, and other problems, and teenagers could sense overwhelmed a satisfactory portion of the time. It is very important to keep abreast of your teenager?s problems and concerns right through their years, and to try and get them to open up and be honest with anything they need to be. Being there for a teenager may be a lifesaver for numerous in stressful situations.

Maryrose Spurback is a teacher and helps with teenage relationships, teen notions and teenage difficulties.

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