Dreams Plus Deadlines Equal Dynamite

by Susan K Minarik - Date: 2007-01-27 - Word Count: 430 Share This!

Got dreams? Want to make them real? There's nothing like a deadline to harness a dream's mighty power.

Dreams are like Pegasus, the beautiful winged horse from Greek mythology, sailing the someday skies of our imaginations. We can watch their flight as entertaining fantasies, as escapes from a life that we wish could be more. Or we can harness them and ride them into reality in our lives. And the golden harness that lets us ride them into the real world of the here and now is a deadline.

A deadline is the when that brings the dream from the ethereal to earth. It carries it into the realm of time, and it does it explosively. A deadline signifies that you have made a definite decision and are ready to saddle up and ride.

Making a resolution to lose ten pounds is dreaming about the slimmer self you want to be. Saying "I'm going to lose ten pounds by the end of March" means when April comes, you'll actually see that slimmer self in the mirror.

Once you place a dream in your timeline, your focus gets honed. You can comprehend the necessity for a plan and for action. Your subconscious starts directing your attention to opportunities. And the universe starts bringing them to you.

Putting a deadline on your dream activates your will. It sets up a challenge for you and gets your juices flowing. Instead of saying "I wish I could," you begin asking "How can I?" And that's the question that makes all the difference in the world, because once you start asking it, your whole mind will be open to seeing the answers. And the world will start serving them up to you.

A dream with a deadline takes on a sense of urgency and excitement. It fills you with motivation to set interim goals for acquiring whatever resources, ideas, information, skills or contacts that you need, and to follow through on them because you have a purpose to fulfill.

A dream with a deadline gives direction and meaning to your days. Time becomes precious and you leave behind all the activities you did merely to kill it. Even in your leisure activities, you find that you're alert to signals that play into realizing your dream.

Committing to a deadline gives you courage and strength when obstacles appear. It pushes you to fire your imagination up a notch when you have to find a way past them. It lifts you from complacency to determination.

So grab your best dream and bring it down to earth. Harness it with a deadline. And have a glorious ride!

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