List Building Using Article Marketing - A Powerful Combination

by Sean Mize - Date: 2007-02-10 - Word Count: 274 Share This!

List building is one of the most profitable - if not THE most profitable thing I do online. And I build my lists using a variety of traffic sources and squeeze pages and various other techniques.

So where does article marketing fit in? I think that when you write articles, you are creating the framework for the relationship. You give people the opportunity to get to know you, who you are, how you think. And when you do that, you are initiating relationship.

I like the relationship aspect of list building - think of yourself as building a list of likeminded friends, not a list of targets or leads.

The reader of the article has the opportunity to get to know you personally, before they subscribe to your list. You see, if you someone subscribes to your list from another ezine or from Google Adwords, they still have to get to know you. They don't know who you are, what you stand for. So many of them are on your list by default. They are just getting to know you. And then when they don't like you, they opt out, or just don't read your emails.

But over time as people get to know you, as they opt out or quit reading, you are left with a list of people who want to learn from you.

But when they come to you from your articles, they only opt in if they liked you in the article. They are much more likely to continue to read your emails, to truly appreciate you and what you have to offer. A relationship.

That is why article marketing is such a wonderful tool for list building.

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