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Printers are indispensable items for our day-to-day use. Today, perhaps no office is complete without printers. A printer is counted among the essential printer supplies.

The convenience provided by printer ink cartridges have made printers a household item. Students find an important use of printers when they have to prepare school projects. Businessmen and professionals find use of printers when they are to present business plans, or some important official documents. In any case, in today's increasingly corporate world, printers have a growing use.

Printer ink cartridge is the real blood of the printer which does the work for you. However, the cartridges being exhaustible items, as upon usage they run out of ink, they have to be replaced. This replacement is what costs you a lot of money. This is why the maintenance costs of the printer go on the higher side. In fact, very often buying branded printer ink cartridges over three times can equal the cost of the entire printer. However, branded cartridges from renowned companies can save you other unseen costs, such as money wasted in reprinting documents due to potential chances of printer malfunctioning if you make do with non-original cartridges. Branded ones from top printer companies like HP (Hewlett- Packard, Canon) give you a reliable replacements.

As far as the ink contained inside the cartridges is concerned, there are generally two types of them: Pigment-based Ink and Dye-based Ink.

Printer cartridges are also available in many varieties these days. However, only those printer cartridges that are actually compatible with your printer can be expected to give good results. Else, the cheaper non-original ink cartridges can actually be a waste of your money. Nowadays, many cartridges have their own unique identifying numbers and printer model where your cartridge will fit in. This helps you in choosing reliable printer ink cartridge for your printer.

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