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Sony Ericsson's new W910 is the company's new high-end Walkman feature phone. This attractive little 86g (3oz) slider has a 2.4", 262k color QVGA display and works with Sony Ericsson's new Media Manager application, which replaces the older Disc2Phone application used by earlier devices. The most interesting aspect of its music capabilities is perhaps the new shake control that lets users access the next or previous track with a quick flick of the wrist, so to speak.


The playlist can even be shuffled with a back and forth shaking motion, which seems quite appropriate. The Media Manager PC software that is included with Sony Ericsson W910 is notable for a number of upgraded features, but none of them are more interesting than the new SenseMe system. SenseMe attempts to encode mood data into music tracks as they are ripped from CDs. This lets the W910 user create playlists based on tempo or music style, which should impress runners and commuters alike. Sony EricssonW910 stores its music files on a Memory Stick Micro (M2) memory card, and a 1GB card ships with the phone.


Sony Ericsson display is with size of 2.44 inches, has 262k colors and QVGA resolution. It is very bright unit, and put next to the 6120 classic, makes the latter look as a phone from a previous generation W910. In the Nokia display with 16 million colors we can see graceful transition from one hue to another; with the W910 we have choppy frames.


Sony EricssonW910 offers a 2 megapixel camera, which is a bit poor, to be frank, and something you'd expect from Motorola. With Samsung now offering 3.2 megapxiel cameras on even its super-slim ultra-range, Sony Ericsson's W910 Walkman phone, which is designed for entertainment, such as music - with its Walkman player, or 3D games, on the 2.4" screen, was voted handset of the year, by the GSM Association. Added to its feature set, are two interesting things: Shake Control, which allows users to flick the phone, allowing the unique control of games, and switching between music tracks, in a way never done before, as well as SenseMe, which lets users select music to suit their mood. Please Purchase Online

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