Three Fruits That Should be Included in Your Diet

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A healthy body and a healthy lifestyle are what we all crave for and why not! Diseases such as cholesterol, coronary heart diseases, ulcers, low hemoglobin, obesity, skin disorders etc., have taken a toll on us in this fast paced world where we hardly get time to take proper care of our bodies and health.

Moreover, these diseases and problems have started developing at a very early age. Fast and junk food is what we rely on. We have forgotten the importance of essential foods such as fruits. Fruits play an essential role in keeping you fit and healthy. They improve your immunity and protect you from number of ailments.

There is a huge variety of fruits available in the market; some fruits are seasonal while some are available all through the year. Every fruit has its own advantages and contributes in its own way to a healthy body. Fruits contain various antioxidants and four most valuable nutrients i.e. fiber, vitamins, carotenoids and phytonutrients.

Who doesn't fear their hair to go grey at a time they have to look their best? Perhaps some may fear having a nervous breakdown when you have to stay composed? The truth is that most of us fear such abnormalities. The first thing in the morning of an important day, we all pray to not discover those dreadful dark circles under our eyes when you first see yourself in the mirror. The solution or rather the prevention to most of your problems is by including fruits in your regular diet. The three vital fruits that should make it to your diet chart are apples, oranges and strawberries.

Apples are available all throug the year in the market. They are one of the most nutritious and convenient fruits of all. The combination of certain valuable nutrients sets it apart from the rest. Apples have soluble pectin and insoluble cellulose in them which help in lowering LDL cholesterol levels. Apples also contain cancer fighting flavonoids which are found in the pulp and skin of the fruit. The antioxidants in apples serve to protect the cardio vascular system from any oxygen related damage. Apparently they are a key to heart health. It also contributes towards preventing lungs and breast cancer in women if taken on a daily basis. Certain studies also suggest that apples also reduce the risk of asthma.

Orange is a citrus fruit which is a good source of vitamin B. They are good appetizers and are capable of activating the body's own detoxification process. It also helps to maintain your skin wrinkle free. The conclusions of some recent researches suggest that oranges contain certain chemicals that help fighting skin cancer. The citrus limanoids present in the fruit also reduce cholesterol levels. The phytochemicals that help to prevent age related illness is also present in this fruit. Moreover, the Vitamin C helps in wound healing and provides resistance to diseases.

Strawberries serve a number of purposes right from skin problems like acne and sunburns to improving complexion and treating liver, heart and kidneys related problems. If consumed in large quantities during winter, it helps to cure anemia and tuberculoses. It also provides resistance to the body towards these ailments. Rich in vitamins, minerals and potassium, this fruit should be included in your regular diet.

One thing you should make a note about is that fruits should be consumed before any meal for their results to be evident. This will definitely help in improving your immune system and keep your body healthy. Include fruits in your daily diet and feel the difference!

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