Cholesterol May Act as an Antioxidant

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Cholesterol is not a life-threatening toxin, but a medium-sized molecule that is really a building block for important parts of the body. Cholesterol is also the forerunner of important hormones such as the female sex hormone, oestradiol, and the male sex hormone, testosterone, and of vitamin D, which we need in order to utilize calcium and form bone. Cholesterol is carried in the blood as part of particles called lipoproteins. In fact, cholesterol is being transported to tissues as part of an inflammatory response that is there to repair damage.

Cholesterol isn't part of the problem, it's part of the solution - to a different problem. Cholesterol is actually saving the lives of people, because cholesterol is a bandage, a waterproof bandage that the body has designed. Cholesterol is actually an interim lifesaver, giving the body time to recover from its problems. For people under the age of 50, high blood cholesterol may be indicative of a problem, but if you recall its role as an antioxidant, and a substance used in repair of the body, you may wonder if this highered level is an attempt to protect the body from such things as damage to the arterial walls.

If you have too much cholesterol in your bloodstream, a lot can collect in the blood vessel walls, causing these "pipes" to become narrower. Avoid foods that are high in cholesterol, saturated fat, and trans fat, all of which increase cholesterol levels and your risk of developing heart disease. Before you start chomping on those cheese fries or that greasy burger, you might want to take a closer look at whether you're getting too much cholesterol. Actually, your body produces enough cholesterol so that if you never touched another cheese fry, you'd be OK. Although most teens won't need to take medication to lower their cholesterol, it's still important to keep cholesterol in check.

The natural antioxidants in Oat Bran can significantly reduce blood cholesterol levels by suppressing the adhesive molecules which make blood cells stick to artery walls, researchers reported. When, instead, you consume lots of 'naked' oils stripped from seeds, your cellular membranes become increasingly unsaturated and less protected by antioxidants. Eating a variety of antioxidant-rich foods, on a daily basis, is your best strategy for harnessing the disease-fighting antioxidant potential of the mighty plant kingdom.

A high cholesterol is not dangerous by itself, but may reflect an unhealthy condition, or it may be totally innocent. Importantly, while many cardiologists insist that lowering cholesterol is correlated with a reduction in the risk of heart attacks; few can say that there is a reduction in the risk of mortality (death). However, the bottom line is that a high level of plasma cholesterol is one of the major risk factors for heart disease and strokes.

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Cholesterol is actually saving the lives of people, because cholesterol is a bandage, a waterproof bandage that the body has designed. Find out more about Cholesterol May Act As An Antioxidant

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