Planning a Golden Oldies Party

by Gail Leino - Date: 2006-12-19 - Word Count: 309 Share This!

Before you make any real preparations for your Golden Oldies Party, you need to think of the era that you wish to use. Even though you want to plan the party based on the post-1950s with the music, dress, and events that transpired during that era, you may choose to zero in on a more specific decade. After all, if most of the guests were not born until the 1950s, they will not have a clue about the events of the 1950s except what they have read or heard. Think of the era in which most of your guests were teenagers or older and base your party around that decade.

How do you plan a Golden Oldies Party if all of your guests are from a different era? A fun thought might be to allow your guests to come dressed as they did growing up in that decade of rock and roll and partying. If you have several guests, it can make for an exciting party with music and costumes from several decades. Encourage your guests to share events they remember as teenagers: dances, school, shopping, clothes, activities, games, television shows, etc. Not only will your party be fun, it will allow all of the guests to share some trivia from their past and give younger guests an opportunity to take a walk into another decade if only for a moment.

No matter what decade you choose for your Golden Oldies party, rest assured that you will certainly entertain your guests. Nothing is more eventful that a party that lets guests go back into the past for just a few hours and relive their carefree years in high school and college. Those days are in the past, but a party can bring them back into focus for just a few hours and give everyone a taste of the Golden Oldies decades.

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