What Is Microsoft Dynamics (gp)?

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Microsoft Dynamics GP is a sophisticated accounting software used by businesses throughout numerous industries all over the world. It works by utilizing the technology incorporated into the Microsoft SQL Server databases.

Microsoft Dynamics GP was developed by Great Plains Software and was also known by the same name until Microsoft bought the Great Plains Software company in 2001 for the sum of $1.1 billion. It is now in its tenth version and the present incarnation was released in June 2007, which also marked the introduction of many changes and improvements; it is now available in two editions, namely Business Essentials and Advanced Management respectively. Microsoft Dynamics GP can help businesses with financial management, analysis, human resources management, supply chain management and manufacturing procedures, plus much more.

If you are a Connecticut based business, you will need to purchase a license and software for the required package. You can find all information regarding this issue online, or you could search for Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP consultant resellers. The initial cost of the software can be quite high but it will be recouped over team because of its essential abilities to analyze and problem solving with management issues.

To find a Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP company you will need to either use a search engine on the internet or look in the phone book. Once you have purchased Microsoft Connecticut financial software it is essential that, if you do not have the expertise yourself, to find a consultancy firm to assist with the installation, implementation and the training up of the staff who will be using the software. When choosing a consultancy firm, you will need to make sure that the company is fully capable of carrying out the desired requirements. Competent consultants should have a proven track record of successfully carrying out these tasks, so vetting them and fully investigating their credentials is essential. It is advantageous if the company is partnered with Microsoft itself and has the certificates to prove that claim. Many consultants will offer a free initial consultancy in order to talk to your business and price up the job in hand. This should give you a good idea and a feeling of how well suited they are to the requirements you have to install Microsoft Dynamics GP in your business.

Once you have found your consultancy company, their quote should be an important deciding factor in choosing the right candidates, make sure you shop around and receive quotes from numerous firms in Connecticut. Although it must be remembered that cheapest is not always the best. Another factor you should consider is what their policy is on after sales care; it is very good if they include this in the initial cost, if not you will need to make sure they won't just leave you in the first couple of months to deal with any problems which may arise or even charge you an extra cost on top of the initial fee to help you in the future.

CriticalEdge Group is a Gold-Certified Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) firm serving Connecticut (CT) area customers. They recommend, develop, and implement integrated business processes and software systems that have a direct impact on their customers' success.

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If your company is in need of Microsoft Dynamics GP, make sure to get professional consultation first. If your company is in need of any other Connecticut Accounting Software , check the internet for bookkeeping services.

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