Michael Jackson and Human Consciousness Evolution

by Marcus T. Anthony - Date: 2009-07-10 - Word Count: 861 Share This!

As a person who has worked with a deep connection to Spirit, it has become clear to me that we process not only our individual psychological issues, but the emotional energy of the groups that we are embedded within as a collective. These include smaller groups such as family, school, and community, as well as larger collectives. Certain events, and certain lives resonate with group oversouls, and even the entire human collective oversoul. These events and lives become a kind of living synchronicity. Like all synchronicities, they offer consciousness to those who experience them.

A very poignant example involved the life of actor Christopher Reeve, who played Superman in the movie series. The idea of Superman is an archetypical projection of the human ego - the idea of immortality and invulnerability are delusions that the ego puts forward as it confronts the reality that it will inevitably pass. At the level of consciousness, Superman represents the denial of impermanence, embodiment and death. Thus when Christopher Reeve accepted the role of Superman, he literally embodied a collective spiritual issue of the human oversoul. His life became not merely his own, but a channel for the consciousness evolution of humanity.

When Christopher Reeve was thrown from his horse and became a quadriplegic, he became the antithesis of Superman - all too vulnerable and very mortal. He became completely helpless and dependent on others for survival. He became powerless in almost every sense, except for the power to choose his thoughts and attitude.
Within his spirit, and at the deeper level of the human oversoul, Christopher Reeve accepted a role as an agent in human consciousness evolution. He soared as high as the ego can fly, and fell as far as it can fall. And it was all for the service of humanity. His life helped us process a little of a collective issue of human egos, the delusion that we have ultimate power and control. The truth is that we do not. We are part of a greater spiritual evolution. And all form passes.

Recently another individual human soul passed away, and his life also served the human collective. Michael Jackson's life, his music and his individual soul issues resonated deeply with the oversoul of a large segment of humanity - the Generation Xers. What I am about to say is not meant to be disrespectful to Michael Jackson. I write this with no judgment of him as a soul. These perceptions emerge from my intuitive sense of his life and soul issues. We all have soul issues. Michael Jackson's were probably a little deeper than most, and he just happened to live his in the spotlight.

Michael Jackson never integrated his childhood scars. He did not know how to deal with adult relationships, because his personal boundaries were so diffused as a child that he did not know where "he" ended and others started. He began to push others away. His retreat into child-like behaviours was testament that he had not integrated and owned his inner child. He became a parody of that child because he was not prepared to become the parent to it. He rejected responsibility for himself. An increasing acceptance of responsibility for self and one's soul issues is a fundamental component of personal, psychological and spiritual development. This is a lifetime process for most of us. Inevitably, most of us never complete the processes.

Yet most significantly, Michael Jackson never accepted his mortality, and thus lived in great fear of death. He spent his life attempting to anaesthetise his emotional pain, deny his body, and control and alter his physical form. He orchestrated his life such that he did not have to confront his soul issues, retreating into a fantasy world of his own making. The increasing pain in his body reflected his deep, undressed emotional scars, and as he tried to drug these out of his awareness, he eventually turned so far away from the truth of himself that his spirit vacated his body. He was not able to grow any more as a spirit.

Yet the timing of his passing has its own perfection.

Michael Jackson's life was archetypal, and his death has created a huge wave in human collective consciousness. This is not because MJ was "weird" or a freak. In fact the media have suddenly stopped referring to him as "Whacko Jacko". The capacity of Micheal Jackson's passing to deeply affect the collective human oversoul lies in the fact that Michael Jackson is so definitively human. His denial of death and impermanence, his attempts to shut out his pain, and his inability to integrate his inner child are all prime issues of the Generation X oversoul, and the human collective oversoul in general.

In Michael Jackson's passing, Generation X is forced to confront these issues at a deep level. So, don't be surprised if you find yourself facing some unexpected emotional issues in the coming days and weeks. It is not just you. It is "we". The ocean has stirred, and a wave is descending. The tsunami though, is meant to be. Ride with it wherever it takes you, and you will be just a little bit freer.

Marcus Anthony (PhD.) is a Futurist who lives and works in Hong Kong. He is an elected member of the World Futures Studies Federation and the author of Integrated Intelligence. You can comment on this article on his blog/web site http://www.mindfutures.com. n
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