Military Heroes And The Boots They Wear

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Whether marching under a hot desert sun, standing at attention in the middle of a blizzard, or charging into enemy fire, soldiers need boots they can rely on. Based on our industry knowledge and feedback from our customers, we have compiled a list of five military boot brands that have shown enduring support for the soldier over the years.

Bates Uniform Footwear
Since 1887, Bates Uniform Footwear has been focused on the best in dress and tactical footwear for military personnel in nearly forty countries worldwide. Bates has manufactured military uniform footwear styles for all branches of the armed services, and serves as one of the largest suppliers of footwear to the US federal government, the Department of Defense, and public service departments throughout the United States. They also manufacture duty footwear for uniformed public service personnel, and are a popular choice among police and security personnel.

Belleville Shoe
Belleville Shoe was founded in 1904, and is currently the country's largest supplier of military boots, producing over one million pairs annually, and is one of the most well-known and most commonly requested boots. Each pair is specifically designed to meet or exceed military specifications for durability and comfort without needing lengthy breaking in or acclimation. If you want the boot that is always on the front lines, you want a Belleville.

Altama Delta Corporation
Altama was founded in 1969, and got its military start manufacturing olive drab jungle boots for US soldiers serving in Vietnam. It has since become a leading manufacture of mil-spec boots for the Department of Defense, and also markets to federal, state, and local agencies, police, Special Forces teams, and military and ROTC schools. Altama is constantly developing new series to meet the changing needs of the American soldier, whether it be active duty performance or personal comfort.

Danner Uniform Footwear
Danner's ambition is to satisfy the needs of expert users in the military and law enforcement fields, focusing on maximum performance and quality. Danner sets the highest standards for their products, regardless of the end user. If you simply must have the best quality boots, you can't go wrong with Danner.

Wellco Enterprises
Wellco and its subsidiary, Ro-Search, have been developing new innovations in footwear manufacturing technology since 1941, setting standards for Army combat footwear that are still in use today. The present generation of combat boots - with high-traction rubber tread sole, polyurethane midsole, and direct-molded rubber base sole - can be directly traced to a development contract awarded to Ro-Search in 1995 by US Army Natick Laboratories.

Military boots are designed to protect a soldier's feet in the worst conditions imaginable. Our military heroes deserve footwear that does everything they ask, so that they can do everything we ask of them. When preparing your next care package for a soldier serving active duty, consider sending a new pair of duty boots - they'll thank you for it.

Anchortex Corporation is a leading distributor of uniform footwear to military and law enforcement personnel, including Bates boots, Belleville boots, and Danner boots.

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