Get Ready to Attract-i-cise!

by Eva Gregory - Date: 2007-01-27 - Word Count: 680 Share This!

Learn Attract-i-cise for the mind to achieve positive thoughts and shed negativity. No success is ever insignificant. If you've accomplished it, be proud and use it as a rung on a ladder to help you climb higher and higher towards your success. Become the magnet for all of the positive things that can and will occur when you've mastered the art of focusing on the desired outcome and not the obstacles that have, are, or can occur - if you allow it.

Attract-i-cise for the body because the body is truly our temple, and is typically last in line to be worshipped. If you're feeling tired, run down, or have been plagued with illness, I'm sure you can relate. Learn to nourish the body with rest, exercise, relaxation, and/or supplements if needed. It's difficult to be vibrating positive thoughts when you aren't feeling well, or you're waiting for the next wave of illness to occur. The better you feel, the better you'll continue to feel as the body becomes conditioned to operating in top form and you attract more of what you are radiating.

The spirit can always use a bit of toning up through Attract-i-cise. It is so easy to allow emotions to control everyday life. But it is when emotions are controlled that ultimate happiness can be achieved. Isn't it easier to determine the best course of action when the dilemma is approached with a clear head, a calm voice, and an open mind? How often have you thought, 'my goodness, did I really say that?' when in the heat of the moment? Unfortunately today's society is comprised of masses of people who have not learned to Attract-i-cise their spirit, by not allowing themselves to get lost when caught up in the moment. Maintaining calmness, accepting what is showing up, and learning to neutralize anger can all have a pretty amazing effect on achieving desired goals with fewer obstacles and tamer interactions. Can you say win-win?

Collette had spent the majority of her years since college looking at the things she had not accomplished and wondering why. While spending yet another Saturday evening alone, Collette began reading through her high school journals. After a few entries she realized that she had really liked the girl that exuded warmth, vitality, and unlimited potential. She sat down and began to think back to when the light within her began to dim. It had occurred right after college graduation. She had pursued a degree in Education, but there were no jobs when she graduated so she took a clerical job until something opened up, and never went back to teaching. As Collette allowed herself to relive some of her past experiences through her journal entries, she began to feel some of that old hope begin to ignite within her. She recalled the accomplishments that she had been so proud of, the projects that she had created for her students while student-teaching, and the joy that had come when she witnessed learning through the eyes of a student. That night Collette made a promise to herself to read all of her high school and college journal entries, and to make a real effort to recapture her lost spirit. Through her journals she began the process of Attract-i-cising with her mind and her spirit.

Collette is not alone. Too often life gets in the way and blocks the path to positive attraction and vibration. Despite that, it's never too late to shed the cloak of negativity, something that Collette learned by revisiting her past. This is the time of year when many begin to reflect on accomplishments, focus on goals, and gear up for a fresh slate for the upcoming year. Are you ready to start tallying up your accomplishments? Why not spend some time getting your goals in order and instead of making a list of what you'd like to accomplish, make a list of how you're going to make your mind, body, and spirit Attract-i-cise for you for the entire year? Look at what jazzer-cise, aerobi-cise, and dancer-cise accomplished!

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