How to Make Flying Easier With Six Tips

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There are many ways to make the experience better before you even get to the airport. You can have your travel agent book a special meal for you on the flight. Most times, you will get your meal before everyone else and it will be of a better quality. Even if you don't have a special need to order a diabetic or kosher meal, you can try the low-fat or vegetarian meals.

Obviously, travelling business or first class is going to be more relaxing. However, the question is, how can you get yourself in one of those seats without paying? If you travel often with one airline, sign up for their frequent flyer programme. You'll collect points towards getting free flights or upgrades and if they overbook a flight, you might get bumped up to a better seat.

Jet lag is a battle you don't want to fight if you've got a lot to do once you get to your final destination. You can prevent it by drinking water instead of alcohol on the flight, keeping your body well hydrated. It's also wise to walk around the plane and stretch while in your seat so you keep your blood circulating. Sleep according to the time zone of the location you are heading to, and if you get there in the daytime, do not sleep until night!

There are some good, solid tips that will help you to make your flying experience more relaxing and enjoyable:

Fly in the morning
Morning flights are often the best. Most people do not want to wake up early for a flight, so you'll find the plane and airport less crowded and more spaces available in the airport parking lot."">UK airport parking cheapest online rates If you have to, you can stay at an airport hotel the night before to make sure you get to the airport early enough.

Avoid peak flight times
Even if you can't get on the earliest flight, it's best to try to avoid peak flight times. With everything more crowded, including flights, the airport and the airport parking lot, you will end up a lot more agitated than necessary. Additionally, security will be heightened during peak times, making lines longer and waits more frequent.

Use online check-in
Many airlines offer online check-in and this will save you time otherwise wasted standing in line to check-in at the airport - time that can be better spent at home or in the airport lounge. Unfortunately, you won't be able to utilise this feature unless you are travelling without luggage that needs to be checked-in.

Get there early
Arrive at the airport as early as possible. While 5 hours ahead of time might be a bit too far in advance, you never know what could go wrong on the way to the airport or while you are there. Security check-in takes longer these days, and many airlines are recommending arrival 3 hours prior to flight time.""> Low priced UK airport hotel

You will feel more relaxed if you don't have to rush to get to your plane and can enjoy a drink in the airport bar or some duty-free shopping instead. If you have trouble arriving early, think about staying in an airport hotel the night before.

Book non-stop flights
Non-stop flights will save you a lot of time. If you don't have to get off one plane and board another, you can save hours in the transit lounge. Non-stop flights usually cost more, but they can be worth it if you want to have a more relaxing journey.

Make sure there's enough time for connections
If you can't get a non-stop flight, make sure your agent books connections with ample time for plane changes. Even if you get your boarding pass ahead of time and your luggage is checked through to your final destination, it could be a long hike to the gate once you are in the transit lounge. Additionally, if your first flight is late, you risk missing the next flight without a good buffer zone.

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