Why Real Estate Options Are Less Risky, More Profitable, and Easier Use Than Most Property-Flipping Strategies Being Taught Today

by Jack Brown - Date: 2007-04-30 - Word Count: 258 Share This!

The problem with 99 percent of all the
property-f lipping strategies being taught today is that they require would-be real
estate mavens to go out on buying binges and scarf up properties like they are
going out of style and thus become financially responsible for monthly loan payments
and property repairs.But for many people who want to profit from real estate,
outright property ownership is too expensive, too time consuming, and far
too risky. They crave a low-cost, low-risk way to make money in real estate, without
ever having to buy any property. And this is exactly where little known and
seldom used real estate options come into play. Options provide the ideal strategy
for people who want to be part-time investors because they do not have a lot of
money or time to spend on real estate. Plus, options are an excellent way for savvy
investors to create leverage, reduce risk, and conserve capital, while holding the
controlling interest in a piece of undervalued property. Real estate options also
act to level the playing field by providing individual investors with a low-cost way
to gain the controlling interest in large properties that they would not be able to
buy outright. Over the years, high-profile investors such as Donald Trump, Walt
Disney, and Trammell Crow have successfully used real estate options to assemble
large tracts of land for future development. In this chapter, I give you the inside
scoop on exactly why most of the property-f lipping strategies being taught today
are way too expensive and hard to implement and why it makes much more financial
sense to f lip a real estate option instead of a property.

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