Real Estate, Color Power: Unlocking the True Potential of Paint

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When it comes to the easiest and cheapest ways to transform your home, paint is often described as the most powerful tool. And it truly is. But, what many overlook is just how far paint can go. Beyond walls and the front door, there are many other elements in your home, that with the right kind of paint, proper application and good color can be transformed into things of beauty!

Let's walk through the home and see just how far your paint can go:


Does your ceramic tile look old and tired, outdated and sad? Before opting to replace the tile, there's a much less expensive and time consuming project: paint! There are special paints available on the market that are specifically made for ceramic tile. These paints are waterproof and come in myriad designer color options.

Ever hankered to get rid of your outdated lavender colored bath-tub? Replacing a bathtub can be very costly and messy as well. If the tub is attached to tile, than the tile can end up breaking. You can have your bathtub professionally painted- which is often the best option in this case as it's a tricky job and requires specialized paint products. A typical job will cost you about $300. But it may well be worth it, if you compare to the cost and hassle of replacing the tub.

Likewise, if your bathroom cabinets are dragging your design overhaul down- have no fear, paint is here! Depending on what your cabinets are made of, and painted with, the job may involve some sanding and a particular kind of paint and possibly primer. Consult with your local paint store as to how to approach this. Paint your cabinets a nice, bright and light color that ties in with the entire bathroom. Replace your old bathroom hardware and SHAZAM- a whole new bathroom!


Beyond the walls of your kitchen, paint can be used to brighten up down-trodden cabinets. As cabinets are such a dominate feature in a kitchen, this will do a lot to enliven the entire room. Again, consult with your local paint company with regards to the type of paint and process that will best serve your particular cabinets. When replacing the cabinet hardware in the kitchen, think of finding something that ties in with all the appliances.

Another element you can spruce up with paint is your countertop. Yes, it is possible to paint countertop. But you'll want to do it right. It'll involve using a special primer, numerous coats of paint and then a seal- generally satin or high-gloss non-yellowing polyurethane. When approaching the color of your countertop, make sure it ties in with all the colors you've chosen for the other elements: cabinets, walls etc.

Living Areas:

You'll be surprised what you can transform with paint in your main living areas. Maybe you have an outdated tile on your fireplace hearth. Again, with the proper primer, the right kind of paint and a color that ties everything together, you can wave your painting wand and cure almost any outdated monstrosity!

Furniture is another beast that paint can tackle successfully. You can sand down wood furniture and then re-stain it, or go for painting it a completely different color- something bold to serve as an accent in your living room. This again may involve a coat of primer and a particular paint. Think of it as another opportunity to consult and get chatty with you local paint store.

You can even get down to the nifty gritty details and start to create some art projects. Re-paint some old art frames, to make them punch out in your home design. Try painting a vase, or a decorative platter.

So, as you can see the power of paint goes far beyond walls. Whether you're in need of some affordable and relatively quick home staging tricks before a resale, or if you just want to do some improvements that won't break the bank and consume all of your time, get to know paint and its true potential.

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