Breast Cancer Screening Questioned

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The effectiveness of breast cancer screening has been questioned after a recent US report revealed how many lives are actually saved by the process.

Healthcare experts at a John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital of Cook County and the University of Nebraska have revealed that mammograms only decrease the chance of dying from breast cancer by 0.1 per cent, which may boost the need for cancer or health insurance.

The authors, John and James Keen, say they aimed to promote informed decision-making relating to cancer cover.

"By comparing mammography's life-saving absolute benefit with its expected harms, a well-informed woman along with her physician can make a reasonable decision to screen or not to screen for breast cancer," they state.

The authors stress that the study assumed saving a life means the curing of a woman who would otherwise have died from cancer without screening.

In related news, healthcare authorities in Northern Ireland recently revealed the maximum age at which women can be screened for breast cancer is to be raised to 70.

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