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by Renske Buursma - Date: 2007-04-17 - Word Count: 529 Share This!

Pets can become a large amount of work. After buying a dog or cat, you might realize you just don't have the time to devote to keeping them happy and entertained. However, if you still find you want the liveliness of a pet, some being other than yourself occupying your home, fish can make a magnificent edition, not only as an easy to care for pet, but as a beautiful center-piece to your room.

The habit of capturing and keeping fish in an enclosed pool goes back thousands of years, civilizations as old as the Egyptians finding the beauty of nature's swimmers too great to leave to the sea. Today you can do the same without going to the trouble of capturing wild fish, instead relying on your local pet or fish store.

Keeping fish as pets requires a decent initial investment though, assuming you want more than one fish. Of course, a smaller enclosure designed for goldfish can be just as ornamental and considerably cheaper (and easier to care for) than a full aquarium. For those planning to keep tropical or exotic species though, a decently sized tank will be required with a decent filtering system, to keep the water fresh.

Once you've made your initial purchase though, it's only a matter of decorating. How do you want your new fish tank to look? How many fish do you want? What kinds of fish do you want and what kinds of plants and ornaments do you want in the tank? The best part about fish is that they are largely oblivious to their surroundings. You can decorate their tanks almost any way you like and the result can be as breathtaking or simple as you desire.

Once you've decided what your tank will look like you are free to decide what kinds of fish you'll have in it. There are thousands of species, all of them very different, and some might not get along as well as others. Before choosing your fish, you'll want to discuss your selections with someone who has an idea of how the different kinds of fish interact and what they'll need from you. You would never want to buy a fish that has a habit of eating a fish you already own.

You can add living plants, invertebrates, and other inhabitants to your mini-ecosystem as well, once you've gotten the right balance, giving as much vibrant color and variation to your little world as you can.

Once you have your tank set up, you can largely leave it alone, simply observing the majesty of the tiny sea in your living room. Of course, you will be responsible for feeding them daily and every now and then you'll need to clean the tank if your filter ever breaks, clogs, or falls off, or if it just plain looks dirty in there. Aquariums have a very carefully balanced ecosystem, taking into account the nitrogen, pH, and oxygen levels and you'll want to make sure it stays carefully balanced.

However, once you have your tank set up, you can sit back and enjoy one of nature's greatest gifts, the majesty of fish, right from within your living room.

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