Tummy Tuck Recovery and You

by Rose Lindy - Date: 2006-12-07 - Word Count: 428 Share This!

If you are considering having a tummy tuck done, I am sure you are wondering what to expect during your recovery time. You should understand that a tummy tuck is a major surgical procedure, therefore, recovery can take any where from a few weeks to a few months, depending on your overall general health and how well you follow your post operative instructions.

As with any major surgery there are things to be aware of and also things that can happen during recovery. Side effects of this procedure include infection, scarring and slow recovery time.

If you have a lot of weight to lose, having a tummy tuck is not a magical solution to help you lose it, and any respectable surgeon would refuse to consider any obese person for this type of surgery. The risks from the surgery and anesthesia for instance would be too much for both the patient and the surgeon to consider. Any obese person undertaking this procedure would find their tummy tuck recovery period prolonged because of major complications resulting from the surgery. Other post operative problems to think about are blood clots, chest infections, skin that heals poorly and overall extended healing time.

The sooner you are able to get out of bed and move around after having any type of surgery, the faster you will heal as long as you keep your movement with the boundaries set by your surgeon. In fact movement promotes healing.

An abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, will tighten the muscles and walls of your abdomen. Because of the nature of this procedure it is not for everyone. For example, if you are having a tummy tuck done to try and loose weight then you will be disappointed. You need to loose the weight before having this procedure done. Often people who have lost a lot of weight will have a tummy tuck procedure to get rid of the excess skin hanging from their stomach due to weight loss. Any respectable surgeon will not perform a tummy tuck on a patient who is doing this solely to loose weight.

If you are a woman who has recently been pregnant you should wait awhile before surgery. Or if you are planning on becoming pregnant you should wait until you are finished having children before going through a tummy tuck. This is because pregnancy will put a strain on the scar left by a tummy tuck.

If you have previously had any type of abdominal surgery, you should not consider having a tummy tuck procedure done because the recovery from the tummy tuck would be compromised.

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