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The Culkin family stays well out of the spotlight, but three of seven siblings are extremely talented actors, who seem to be starring in better and better movies as they age. I recently caught Home Alone on Direct TV, as many stations are airing this Christmas classic during the holiday season, and re-watching this old favorite from my childhood got me thinking about all the great movies the Culkin brothers have acted in throughout the past two decades. Needless to say I have been scanning the Direct TV channels ever since in pursuit of more Culkin goodness, and even went out and rented a couple of DVDs in High Definition format to get my fix. Not familiar with the Culkin canon? Read on…

Macaulay Culkin hit it big as a child star in movies like Home Alone, My Girl, and Richie Rich. But with his tongue-twister name and little kid precociousness, most would have been inclined to write him off as a blip, a young star who grows up in a skewed world and winds up with little talent for acting as an adult. In its time Home Alone was the third highest grossing film in history, but when sequels three and four appeared with a new main character, and no sign of Macaulay, it seemed safe to assume that was the last we would see of the name Culkin in movies. Fortunately, this was not to be. Macaulay took a break, but now is back and seems more discriminating in the films he chooses to act in, including Party Monster and his recent Sex and Breakfast. Meanwhile, his younger brothers Kieran and Rory have emerged on the scene as talented actors in their own right.

Kieran Culkin actually made his film debut in Home Alone, and continued acting in many other small roles throughout that decade, but it wasn't until 2002 that he got a strong leading part in Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, where he starred alongside Emile Hirsch, Jena Malone, and Jody Foster. This somewhat dark drama follows four best friends at a Catholic school as they live out alter egos in a comic book they draw together, and rebel against their strict school. Interesting to note is that a few years later Macaulay acted in the movie Saved! which unfolds in a Christian high school, and also stars Jena Malone.

Rory Culkin is the youngest sibling in the family. Much as Kieran made his film debut in his older brother's Home Alone, one of Rory's first movie appearances was in Igby Goes Down where Kieran starred in the title role. His filmography is impressive to date, and perhaps he was saved from playing some of the more cloying, typical child roles by the prominence of his older brothers. He won praise for his work in You Can Count on Me, which ended up earning two Academy Award nominations. Rory's first big lead was in Mean Creek, a dark independent film about a group of kids who take a trip together and end up dealing with a tragic and complicated situation. Based on that performance I think we can expect great things from this young star. Perhaps talent increases down the ladder in the Culkin family!

It's rare to find a family with such a depth of talent. Tune up your HDTV and scan the channels - with three different Culkins, you are bound to come across one of their films before too long.

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