Handpainted Polish Stoneware is a Functional and Artistic Way to Decorate Your Dinner Table

by Carolyn McFann - Date: 2007-04-04 - Word Count: 498 Share This!

A few months ago, I was watching QVC on television and saw Polish Stoneware for the first time. It was colorful, hand-painted dinnerware for collecting or everyday use. I decided to buy some and see for myself if it was really as beautiful and functional as shown on tv. Each item is painted with various detailed designs, mainly florals, in a variety of lovely colors. They are oven and dishwasher safe, too. It was hard to imagine something so beautiful actually being usable in everyday life.

When they arrived, my dishes were even more stunning than on television. The rich, tasteful colors and patterns were elegant and evenly painted. The individual artisans in Poland who make these beautiful creations sign or initial on the bottom of each piece. Each artisan has her own style, some are more like floral gardens, others are more stamped abstract patterns. All the designs are beautiful and limited. Whenever they present Polish Stoneware on QVC, most of it is sold out and they have to wait for the artisans to replenish their stock before offering more for sale.

One famous Polish Stoneware maker is Ceramika Artystyczna Stoneware. Each Polish company that produces stoneware has its own designs, but this company is my favorite, due to their detailed floral motifs. They produce designs the traditional way using natural sea sponge, cut into different patterns. These patterns are then stamped repeatedly in lovely patterns on the side of each item. Some of their most spectacular items are their bakeware, such as pie plates and muffin pans. If you turn many of their creations over, the pattern is continued on the underside of the item as well. This company is top class in craftsmanship and design of all their many lines of designs. They don't discontinue patterns, but add new ones often. My plates are beautiful, and I plan to buy more now that I see that they are of the pattern I like. These items are not inexpensive but most definitely worth the price. Each item is unique, since they are hand-painted.

In watching QVC's programs on Polish Stoneware, I noticed how many buyers are serious collectors. I can see why, the work is magnificent, and the glazes used are safe for using every day for food consumption. They are truly a superior way to serve food. So, research Polish Stoneware and see all the rainbow of delicate, detailed patterns offered. Once you order one piece, expect to be hooked. I know I am. By adding just a few pieces to my dinner table, it makes it look infinitely more sophisticated and feminine. Eventually I, too, will have a collection that will be used, not displayed. Art is wonderful to have, but to me, it is even more valuable if is truly functional. These lovely handicrafts are very helpful to the cook or homemaker, and they make great gifts, too. Check them out, and you will be impressed. My second order is being processed as this is written.

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