Search Engines, How To Find Huge Numbers Of Links To Help Your Search Engine Optimization Efforts

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Every dominant search engine utilizes what are called "Backlinks" as a large part of their determination of a site's rankings. You can think of it in terms of every link pointing from a site to yours is a vote for you and the greater the number of votes you get the greater your site's ranking will be.

Doesn't that sound easy? Get more backlinks and improve your rankings and traffic. The easy way is to hire a Toronto search engine optimization expert but that may not be within everyone's budget. But how do you find them without spending large sums of money and time? Lets review ways you can obtain huge amounts of backlinks that won't cost you a dime.

We all understand that to the search engines content is king. This is accurate for 2 reasons. Visitors that arrive at your website need substance to retain their interest and search engines need to index it. And other sites have to have content for the same purposes. These other sites are what you are going to zero in on. They require content so let them have it.

Along the lines of your website's subject write an informative article. Your article should be between 500-1000 words in length. If it is appropriate in the article to add your website's keywords then do it, but if not don't worry about it. In the end what you are trying to accomplish is to put out quality information.

Next you will be giving this article away for free, but with terms. You will be submitting this article to article directories such as Ezine Articles. These directories serve two purposes. They will deliver or give permission for others to download your article and use it on their own website and they permit you to add a resource box at the base of your article. They display your content on the website but also enable others to post that article on their own sites and above all give permission for the content creator to place a link back to their website in an area called the Resource Box.

The resource box contains information about the author. But really the most thing in the resource box is a backlink to your site. Your article is being freely distributed with the stipulation that sites that post your article also are required to post your resource box that contains a link back to your website.

Posting to only one directory though is not enough. The more places you post your article to the greater leverage you will get from it. If you post your article to just twenty article directories you will get twenty backlinks to your website. This amount can be amplified if each directory syndicates your article at least 5 times to 100 links pointing to your website. In many niches like real estate this will be a huge step in getting your site to the top of the search engines. A little more effort may be required, however, if you need a more complete real estate search engine optimization strategy.

You can now take your article a step further and turn your article into a podcast. You couldmay record your own reading of it but the simplest way is to use a free text to speech service like Odiogo. These nedd your article be put on a blog such as Wordpress or This is easy and you can get a blog up and running in a few minutes.

Not only will these steps help to create a large amount of backlinks with the least amount of effort but your article will drive targeted traffic to your site and raise your search engine rankings. In a short period of time you can be one page one of the search engines in your niche.

Stefan Hyross is an seo expert and owner of the Toronto search engine optimization firm WebClimb. Please visit the site for more information on how to implement a real estate search engine optimization strategy to suit you.

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