Erectile Dysfunction - Is It Psychological?

by Tom Whitmall - Date: 2007-03-02 - Word Count: 555 Share This!

At first, you may worry that your Erectile Dysfunction signifies a serious illness or condition. However, many men experience Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and never have a physical reason that is the sole cause. More often than not, the cause of the condition is emotional or psychological.

First, there are three main areas that contribute to a man achieving and maintaining an erection. These include the brain, nerves, and blood flow. To begin with, the brain must be adequately stimulated. In return, the brain sends signals to the nerves that surround the penis. When these nerves are activated, blood flows to the penis, causing it to swell and an erection takes place. If something goes awry in these three steps, a man will not be able to obtain an erection.

Since the first area where an erection takes place is the brain, there are many emotional or psychological factors that can occur and prevent an erection from occurring. Stress, depression, anxiety, and fighting with your spouse or partner can cause emotional problems that interfere with maintaining an erection. Often, what may occur is that there may be an emotional issue, and then a lack of performance, which can lead to more stress and anxiety. This can create a cycle that makes achieving an erection harder to obtain.

One way to determine whether or not the Erectile Dysfunction is due to physical or psychological problems is to note whether or not you are awaking in the morning with an erection. Nocturnal erections occur naturally and are not related to sexual dreams, but instead are the result of the body entering a relaxed state. If the problem leading to the dysfunction is physical, then nocturnal erections will fail to occur. In fact, this is the number one method used to determine if the cause is physical or psychological. If you discover that there is a physical reason, or that nocturnal erections have significantly diminished, then you should contact your health care provider right away to seek treatment. In some cases, a natural or herbal cure for erectile dysfunction may be all you need.

If you have determined that the Erectile Dysfunction is due to psychological reasons, you will need to take steps to address those issues. Stress, depression, and anxiety are very common issues that can lead to dysfunction. Making necessary lifestyle changes and taking the time to relax can play a significant role in combating dysfunction and regaining your sexual health. If you are having relationship problems, it is possible that the dysfunction is caused by the anxiety within your relationship. Again, the erection begins in the brain-through stimulation. If your partner is no longer stimulating you emotionally, or if the relationship is under stress, an erection will not be achieved. Therefore, it is imperative that you keep a direct line of communication open with your partner. It is also important to work out unresolved issues as they arise. You will find that by working with your spouse or partner you can address the issue of the dysfunction together. Often times, men do not want to tell their partners what they are experiencing because they are embarrassed or ashamed. However, the most effective strategy that you have for defeating psychologically caused Erectile Dysfunction is by keeping open communication with your partner and living a lifestyle that reduces stress, depression, and anxiety.

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