Student Car Loans: Drive Zestfully Into your Student Life

by Julia Russell - Date: 2007-07-27 - Word Count: 317 Share This!

Student life is all about getting into a new phase of life. The phase is all about fulfilling the dreams, creating an identity. It's all about fast track. With a life full of zest, the enthusiasm does not end here. Cars and bikes are also there. These are meant to bring a pace in to the life. Now, students can own a car with the help of student car loans.

Student car loans can be availed in two formats - secured and unsecured student car loans. If you are going for the secured option, you have to place the car you are buying as collateral. As the loan is secured with the collateral you can avail cheap rates and longer repayment period. In the case of unsecured student car loans you do not offer any collateral. But then, the interest rate will be comparatively higher and the period of repayment will be short.

Student car loans can be used to buy both used and new cars. The loan is available to buy car of any model or make .The loan amount you derive is anywhere from 90-100% of the required amount. The repayment period of the car loan is usually 2-5 years.

The students who are having a history of bad credit can also apply for the loan. They only need to pay a comparatively high rate of interest on the loan amount.

To make student car loans more popular with the students lenders have devised a popular approach to avail the loan. The lenders have bombarded the internet with offers which you cannot refuse. You are able to access the best deals on the loan amount.

Now with the help of student car loans not only can drive your own car, but also allows you to attend your classes regularly which helps you in shaping up your career. Student car loans increases the tempo of your life as it should be.

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