How to Make a Baby Shower Diaper Cake

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Diaper cake is a useful relic for a baby shower party. Baby shower is an ideal way to celebrate an infant's arrival in a family or home. There are numerous things to think about while planning for a baby shower celebration. You have to plan for games, party favors, gifts, decoration and of course cakes, especially diaper cakes. One popular and decorative option is a diaper cake.

Diaper cake is nothing, but baby diapers structured in a shape of cake. In addition, diapers make an outstanding gift or centerpiece. Usually, it includes baby associated things such as rattles, bibs, clothes as ornamentation for your diaper cake. By presenting such diaper cakes to an expecting woman, you can give her as many surprises.

Direction to make a diaper cake is extremely easy, as you can make a diaper cake using disposable diapers or fabrics. It is better to find which ones the expecting woman wishes to use the most. Next, bundle up numerous diapers and keep them within the same elastic band. This is the base of your diaper layer.

Repeat the procedures for second as well as third layers correspondingly. Keep the layers on crest of each other. Remember to decorate your diaper cake with vital baby associated items. It is also a fantastic idea to cover your diaper cake with netting or cellophane to ensure everything remains perfect in its place and travels well.

Final Look:

When you attend a baby shower celebration, take out your diaper cake and keep it at the middle of the table, so that everybody can see. Assure that your diaper cake grasps the attention of all guests at the party. There are numerous decoration ideas that you can team with your diaper cakes to turn them into elegant diaper cakes.

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