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by Chris Tremblay - Date: 2007-04-19 - Word Count: 381 Share This!

Do you actively use Myspace, Yahoo personals or any other service, such as friendster or something of the sort? These have been taking over the Internet, and many people visit these websites daily to add comments to their friends' pages or to meet new people.

Are these people-search websites helping us, our deteriorating our values? Has it come to the point where we are so lazy, isolated and non-outgoing that we have to sit at home to meet others?

Recently, a group of aboriginals came to my local area and talked with me a little. Their first remark about my city was that people were grumpy and that we are not very talkative.

Yes, all these things that happen around us - shootings, theft, kidnapping - they isolate us since we get scared of talking with new people - but is using people search websites any better?

People who want you to come and meet them, or people who start stocking you, or people whom you don't want to see anymore. This happens online too, so please don't think just because you're using a computer that everything is safe.

Yes, many times, a marriage resulted from people search websites, and there are many happy stories.

Going to clubs to find people to go out with isn't always the best thing to do, and today, many people find the only way to meet people is online. It's an easy way, but it's also lazy and isolated.

In the olden days, we used to be so much happier with social meetings and our social values. It has come to meeting people through a screen, not in person. It could be great over long distances, but often that's not what people search is used for.

A lot of us have lost our connection with the environment by staying inside and being at home all day.

The moral here is that we should go out, do things, meet people, be outgoing and have fun. Meeting online is fun, but try not to over do it by staying on the computer for hours.

If you want to meet fun people, SearchMTL has developed a database of thousands of people living in your area. Go and see for yourself how fun this free service is (look in author bio box).

Using online people search can be profitable, but please watch out.

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Chris Tremblay is a staff writer at SearchMTL, a Montreal based search engine, SearchMTL. SearchMTL has also developed a SearchMTL people search, great for finding people in your area.

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