How to Play Ping Pong

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Table tennis is fun sport. The game is fast paced especially for intermediate and expert levels. The game originated in England and was a form of entertainment for the upper class during the late 1800s. The game pretty much has obvious beginnings.

It was derived from the lawn tennis sport and was really meant to imitate outdoor tennis in an indoor setting. Early players used piled up books as nets and cigar boxes as paddles. Nowadays, people who want to engage in the sport have an array of equipment at their disposal.

To play table tennis, you first need a table of regulation size. The International Table Tennis Federation has set the standard table to be 274 cm 152.5 cm 76 cm high or around 9 ft 5 ft 30 in high. The table is more rectangular with the surface being green most of the times.

After the table, you'll need a table tennis net. You can get this in any sports shop. The net has a fixed size of 15.25 cm or around 6 inches high. And just like lawn tennis, you're not supposed to let the ball get caught by the net. Other equipment that you will need includes good quality table tennis ball and a pair of paddles. The paddles are the ones you use to hit the balls back and forth between the players.

Once you and your partner are all geared up, you're ready to play table tennis. The start of the game commences after the first ball is served. A coin toss can be used to determine which one should serve first. The player who serves the ball need to let it bounce once on his or her side of the table and then should bounce at least once on the opponent's side.

When the opponent is able to receive the serve, he or she needs to return the ball to the other side before the ball bounces on his or her side a second time. When the player that serves the ball hit the net instead and falls back to his own side, a point is awarded to the opponent. However, when the ball got caught on the net but went through the other side anyway, no points or penalties are awarded. The ball is served again. This is called a let.

There are a number of ways where players could gain some points. Opponents will get a point when the ball bounces on the player's side twice. A point is also awarded to the opponent when the ball did not bounce on the opponent's half of the table or otherwise called as not making a "good" return. Similarly, a point is awarded to the opponent if the other player made an illegal serve which generally means playing outside the rules.

Aside from racket movements and sharp reflexes, having good footwork is also an advantage. Even though the right footwork is gained through training and experience, novices need only to remember some of the basics. When standing keep your knees bend and stay on the balls of your feet. This will allow you to move quicker. You should also need to lean forward and keep your paddle ready at all times. Always use your empty hand as a counter weight to keep your balance.

Don't feel embarrassed if you look silly, maintaining balance to hit the ball is more important. Keep your head up and try to watch the ball at all times. As you practice you would learn to adapt the quickness of the serve and the movement of the ball.

In ever volley, make sure that you immediately go back to the center and in position. This will help you move quickly allowing you to hit and return the next shot to your opponent. Just like other sports, the key is to train properly and practice your skills.

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