Communication, Online Mobile Phone Retailers Offer Free Blu Ray Player To Gain New Customers

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You have for a while now been able to get free gifts with mobile phone contracts. This free gifts have included Playstation 3's, Nintendo Wii's, LCD TV's, Laptops and may may more. Now we have new type of free gift thats is being offered by online mobile phone retailers - the Blu Ray DVD Player. So, are you looking for a Free Blu Ray DVD Player with a mobile phone contract? Then take a look at the Samsung BD-P1600 which is currently be offered with selected mobile phone deals from UK based websites. So if you interested in a Blu Ray player and won't to find out a bit more about the Samsung BD-P1600 then read our review of this product.

As you'd expect from any Blu-ray DVD Player, the picture quality with the Samsung BD-P1600 is great. The 1080p output ensures crisp detail and subtle colour shading not seen on lower resolution formats.Added to this exceptional picture quality is a long list of features. When used with an internet connection and additional memory, BD-Live 2.0 lets you take full advantage of interactive sites with downloadable content. Furthermore, the Ethernet connection also allows you to download firmware upgrades to ensure that your BD-P1600 is also running to its full potential. More great news for movie fans is that the Samsung BDP1600 is compatible with Netflix downloading service. This lets you instantly stream films from a choice of over 12,000 titles straight to your player.

With full 1080p Upscaling for your existing DVDs, the BDP1600 doesn't ignore your existing film collection. Although not as good as Blu-ray, upscaling makes your DVDs look the best they can on 1080p Ready TVs. The Samsung BD-P1600 DVD Player has a fold-down front panel and gloss black finish, the BDP1600 looks typically sleek and unobtrusive. For the latest in Blu-ray technology at a bargain price, the Samsung BD-P1600 is ahead of the game. This DVD Player is by no means a premium level Blu Ray player, but it still deliverys the goods and offers a better movie viewing experience than a any DVD player would. The good news is that there is also a bonus with this Blu Ray Player. You get a 12 months free subscription to Lovefilms, where you can 2 free Blu Ray rental a month and you won't get charged any late fees.

Find out where you can get Free Blu Ray DVD Player with a Mobile Phone Contract. Also checkout some other great Free Gifts With Mobile Phones.

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