How to prevent your fitness equipment from becoming a dust magnet

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New fitness equipment creates a large emotional satisfaction when bought and for a short time after you get it home. Brand new shiny, clean, powerful fitness machines that promise to deliver rock solid muscles and firmer bodies invoke hugh emotional dreams for all of us.

Think about it. Every new year or birthday or other "aging" event in our lives inspire us to finally lose weight, increase our cardio output and look better. We dream about the results. The media feeds us images and success stories geared to the "fit and firm" crowd. Diet pills, miracle foods, "get fit in 5 minutes a day" promises are unfortunately rampant in all forms of media.

The good news is we DO NOT have to participate in their marketing campaigns (many of which are financed by the companies selling the fitness cure!). There is only one way to get in shape, create a stronger heart and feel better than we ever have in our lives. That secret is you! You alone (and with some close friends too) will turn your sedentary life around. Fitness is not all about muscled bodies, running 5 miles a day and being a "gym rat."

Buying fitness equipment provides a fantastic emotional rush fed by our desires to get back in shape. All too often, the fitness equipment over time becomes a large dust magnet or clothes hanger in the basement or spare bedroom. Why does this happen? Most people assume buying a particular piece of fitness equipment will "cure" or correct years of bad eating habits and no exercise. This simply will not work but the equipment suppliers are really happy.

Take this knowledge of human behavior and use it to your advantage. First, decide what your 3 goals will be over the next year to get back in shape. Many programs and classes exist to help if you take the time to begin. When (notice I said "when") you read about a program that promises 50 pounds of weight loss in 2 months, RUN (do not walk) away from the claims.

When you find a source for information that is reasonable, begin with baby steps and very measurable success levels to keep the motivation level up. From experience, I will say it takes 21 days of behavior changing activity to start your new fitness habit. Do not give up!

Now that you are ready to invest in fitness equipment, hit the classified ads both online and offline. Guess what? You will pay 50% or less for equipment bought on emotion from others. This lowers the anxiety of spending too much money and guilt if you miss a few days on the equipment.

Most people think that a gym filled with equipment is the only way to really get into shape and anything less is a reason not to start. This is absolutely not true. An adjustable inclining workout bench along with sets of freeweights and dumbbells are a great start. Steps, pushups, chairs, bicycles provide fantastic workouts. Multi-purpose fitness equipment is a great buy. Space saving equipment is ideal for apartments and condos.

I have found the best motivation and support for continuing a workout program is to tell everyone you are close to about your goals. The more people you tell, the more accountability you have to those people. If you start a fitness program in a vacuum, you may stop since no one knows. Also, which of these people also want to get in shape? Workout together and share the rewards. A large ice cream cone after a great week of workouts will not undo your progress. You earned it so enjoy it with a friend.

At some point, you will feel the workout "high" that quite frankly is habit forming. When I miss a regular cardio workout or planned weight day, I crave the rush generated by a tired but relaxed body. By combining this feeling with better fitting clothes and incredible energy boosts, the lifelong fitness habit is set in stone! Enjoy it, congratulate yourself and live for your family.

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